What is the domain in DBMS

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DBMS host name or IP addressThe name of the computer hosting the DBMS (database management system). Enter the name in the format \ .
Database system
Description for the host name
Microsoft SQL Server
\ . For example: .
Note: An instance name only needs to be specified if the DBMS was installed with an instance.
Oracle Server
or Single Client Access Name (SCAN). For example: . If you want to create custom reports with direct database access, define a DBMS host name that is / are available across the network.
DBMS typeThe type of DBMS to be accessed: or. port

The port on which the DBMS receives data. The standard port for MS SQL Server, including Express, is. The standard port for Oracle is.

Database / SID

Name of the MSSQL Server database or Oracle SID provided by your Oracle administrator. To connect to an Oracle RAC environment, enter a slash (/) in front of the SID.

For Oracle database administrators: Configure the Oracle SID to use the UTF8 character set.

Username password
Microsoft SQL Server, including Express
Database user with sufficient access, or a valid Windows domain user (). If you are using Windows authentication, the database server must support LMv2 and NTLMv2. Single sign-on without specifying a user is not supported.
Note: When evaluating Silk Central, the default credentials are /.
Oracle Server
Database users with sufficient access, which you can obtain from your Oracle administrator.
Important: For Oracle servers, the name of the database user cannot contain a period (.).
Username for read accessAn optional database user with read-only access to all tables and views of the specified database. This user is used to perform actions that require read-only access, such as running reports. This ensures that running reports with advanced queries does not change any data in the database, as advanced queries can adversely affect the data. Accessing the database with a read-only user also has a positive impact on performance.

If your DBMS is Microsoft SQL Server, Silk Central will automatically create this user when you provide a name and password. If your DBMS is Oracle, the user must be created by the database administrator in Oracle and added by the Silk Central administrator in Silk Central.

Read access password

Valid password for the user specified in the User name for read access field.

DBMS version info

Displays version information about the DBMS and the operating system.

ALM repository IDDisplays the ALM URI of the repository.Connect database / disconnect database connection

Click this button to establish or disconnect a DBMS connection.