Why is your girlfriend so great

12 reasons your best friend really is the very best

What would you be without a best friend? She is always there for you, she builds you up when you are down and she brings you back to reality. Without it you can't really anymore. She is your closest confidante and actually already like a sister to you.

But what are the characteristics of the BEST best friend? What makes them different from your other friends? To help you get started, we have collected twelve signs that clearly show you that your best friend is really the very best.

1. She doesn't look at you crookedly when you act crazy.

Everyone has their moments when they may be a little exuberant, overreacted or just a little crazy. Unlike other people, your best friend doesn't look at you crookedly.

2. She treats you to your successes, is proud of you instead of being jealous.

Whether you got the new job you applied for or finally got a date with your dream guy - your best friend is always happy for you!

3. It helps you to interpret every text message and every single emoji in your crush.

"He sent a blue heart instead of a red one" or "Why did he now put a point behind?" are sentences that are often used in SMS analyzes - and your best friend will always understand.

4. She understands when you sometimes prefer to hang out on the couch in sweatpants instead of going out to party.

Every now and then you just need an evening with chips and a good movie and don't feel like throwing yourself into the fray. However, your BFF is always by your side for both!

5. She's always honest with you - even if it hurts sometimes.

Everyone needs someone in their life who can tell them clearly how things are - without saying anything nicely. It may hurt, but you'll always be grateful to your best friend afterwards.

6. She takes your calls even in the middle of the night.

In difficult times, you sometimes pick up your cell phone crying at 2 a.m. - and who is always on the line for you? Your best friend.

7. She doesn't hold it against you if you don't see each other for a while

Sometimes you're just so stressed out by life and everything that goes with it that you can't make it to the weekly BFF date. But the "best" doesn't hold that against you.

8. She listens to who you rave about your new favorite series for hours - even though she has never seen it.

You've just watched all of Grey's Anatomy seasons - your best friend hasn't seen a single episode. Nevertheless, she has open ears for your crush.

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9. She hands you the hand cream without a word ...

... and the Labello. Sometimes gestures say more than a thousand words.

10. She notices when you are not feeling well, even if you claim that everything is okay.

You often find it difficult to talk about it when you are feeling bad. But even if you say otherwise, your best friend knows you well enough to know when something is bothering you.

11. She's always on your side - even if you've screwed up.

In other words: in an emergency, your best friend will sit next to you in the cell in jail instead of just getting you out of there.

12. It makes you laugh when all you want to do is cry

With no one can you laugh as well and heartily as with your best friend. In the best case scenario, you also share the same sense of humor.

There are sure to be 100 other reasons why your best friend is ... your best friend. But these 12 points are a good start!

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