Nurses make more money than doctors

Salary comparison 2017: who earns how much in the clinic?

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Medical-Technical Assistance (MTA)

To After long negotiations between trade unions and employers, the new pay regulations for health professions were adopted last year. Medical-technical assistants feel this in their wallet. Since January 2017 they have been earning a gross salary of € 2,333.03 after obtaining state permission. In 2016, the gross monthly income was € 2,095.

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Nursing professions

Improved The salary of health and nursing staff has also increased, who were classified in the salary group E7a last year and who earned € 2,280.84 as newcomers. With the new tariff regulation, the first stage has been deleted. The starting salary for nurses is now € 2,575.02 gross per month (level: P7).

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Deputy Ward management

By With a 2-year additional qualification, you can take on more responsibility as a nurse and take on a position as deputy ward manager. Salary: around € 3,500 gross (salary group P12).

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At Doctors who have not completed specialist training earn employment according to the collective agreement for doctors at municipal hospitals (TV doctors / VKA) gross € 4,371.79 per month. That is around 180 euros per month more than in the previous year (4,189.71 euros / gross per month).

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Independently Depending on the type of hospital, doctors can post a significant salary increase after completing their specialist training. Doctors who work at municipal hospitals initially earn € 5,770.06 gross per month. In 2016, the monthly starting salary was € 5,529.74.

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Senior physicians

Begins If you work as a senior physician at a municipal hospital, your gross monthly earnings are € 7,227.33 (previous year: € 6,926.33).

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Senior physician in charge

Senior According to the tariff, senior physicians at municipal hospitals initially earn € 8,502.69. In 2016, the monthly gross was around € 350 lower, at € 8147.60 per month.

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medical director

Medical Directors are not paid according to the tariff, which means that the monthly salary paid is a matter of negotiation. According to the Kienbaum remuneration report “Doctors, Executives & Specialists in Hospitals”, a medical director receives an average of EUR 133,000 per year, which is barely half as much as the chief physician.

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Chief physician

Also the chief physician's salaries are freely negotiable. According to a survey by Kienbaum, the average total salaries of chief physicians with up to three years of professional experience amount to 248,000 euros and even increase to an average of 393,000 euros for chief physicians who have more than 20 years of professional experience.

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The secret boss: the caretaker

Last the person without whom, in case of doubt, nothing works: the caretaker. As a caretaker in a large facility such as a hospital, you get a starting salary of 2249.11 euros according to the TVÖD table. The contractually agreed weekly working time of 46.5 hours (including standby) can be higher than that of a doctor.