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    Inflation falls to 1.9% in April 2021

    The inflation rate for April 2021 was 1.9% (March 2021: 2.0%). The index level of the 2020 consumer price index (CPI 2020) was 101.8 in April 2021. Compared to March 2021, the average price level fell by 0.1%.

    Austrian figures for May 2021

    This folder can be subscribed to as a monthly newsletter and offers an insight into the data published by Statistics Austria. The May issue shows, on the one hand, what percentage of the Austrian population is affected by poverty and, on the other hand, takes a look at foster families in Austria. Changes in household sizes over time are also analyzed. In addition, data on chat services in companies will be presented and the rising purchase prices of residential real estate will be discussed.

    Construction costs continued to rise in April 2021

    In April 2021, the construction cost index (based on 2020) for residential and residential construction was 107.0 index points. Compared to April 2020, this corresponds to an increase of 7.5%. Compared to March 2021, the index rose by 1.8%.


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