How do I stop eating?

How to stop eating after feeling full?

Hello Pandemonium,

I also think that professional help is not a shame (if you don't get it anyway). You write that you are underweight. So you probably have to eat more than you are currently doing, even if your subjective impression is different. I imagine that is almost even more difficult than losing weight. I also see it as enfin that a regular daily routine can help you well. If for whatever reason you have a lot of "idle time" between meals, try to structure this time anyway so that you don't have to think about food all the time. Follow a hobby or learn something new, take a picture, call a friend, go for a walk. There are so many beautiful things that have nothing to do with food. Sure, food can and should also be enjoyment, but it primarily serves to enable you and your body to lead a healthy, happy and contented life.

For the meals themselves, I would definitely look at the individual ingredients for what is listed as a normal serving and try to achieve that gradually. I don't know what the exact nature of your problem with eating is, but one way or another a normal portion (of whatever) should be the goal I think.

But as I said, none of us are experts here and there is no shame in accepting professional help. With this reduction of this extreme fear of food and the little tricks of learning to deal with it normally, a professional can help you faster and better, especially if your problem is underweight.

Greetings and all the best,