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Teacher training: Cooperation with Columbia University in New York

Heidelberg University and Columbia University in New York (USA) have agreed on a long-term exchange and research cooperation in the field of teacher training. This was preceded by a visit by a delegation from the top American university: representatives of the Teachers College were guests at the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE), a joint academic institution of the Ruperto Carola and the Heidelberg University of Education. Concrete objectives and measures for future cooperation were defined. "From a transatlantic perspective, we want to meet the challenges for the training of teachers in a globally networked educational and professional world," said Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse, Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching at the University of Heidelberg and Managing Director of the HSE on the part of the university.

The delegation from New York included representatives from teacher training and educational sciences, as well as the head of the Department of International Relations at Columbia University. The visit in January of this year followed an initiative trip that Prof. Busse had taken to Teachers College in June 2018. The current meeting in Heidelberg was entitled “The importance of teacher training in the knowledge society of the 21st century - a transatlantic initiative” and offered the participating scientists the opportunity to gain detailed insights into the structures and approaches of teacher training on both sides of the Atlantic to win. “Based on a written agreement of cooperation from Teachers College, a solid basis for expanding cooperation has now been created in a personal exchange,” said Prof. Busse. Selected student teachers from Heidelberg University and the Teachers College of Columbia University will now have the opportunity to expand their range of experience to include an international dimension.

The Heidelberg School of Education is the organizational, institutional and strategic center for cooperative teacher training in Heidelberg. With the HeiEDUCATION concept, a joint project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the “Teacher Training Quality Offensive”, the University of Heidelberg and the Heidelberg University of Education are realizing new approaches to teacher training to develop excellent academic and professional teacher training. The HSE attaches particular importance to bridging the gap between a pronounced research orientation and a close connection to the professional field of school.