What defines bullying in the Australian workplace

Court rules: In Australia, farting is not bullying

Can repeated farting in the workplace be a form of bullying? In any case, an Australian sees himself as a victim of this kind of harassment, but has now also failed in the second instance with a lawsuit against his ex-boss.

An appeals court in the state of Victoria on Friday upheld a previous ruling by a Supreme Court judge that the allegations were baseless. Even if the engineer's portrayal was true, the flatulence of his ex-superior did not qualify as bullying, the judge had found.

The alleged victim testified that it was ultimately necessary to withdraw from his employer's communal office in order to avoid the alleged farts. The 56-year-old demanded 1.8 million Australian dollars (around 1.1 million euros) in damages from his ex-company, an engineering firm based in Melbourne.

But the engineer doesn't want to give up. He announced that he would now go to the High Court, the final court of appeal in Down Under.

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