How long can a man have sex

How long does sex last on average? That's what studies say

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It's not just us who are curious. Science, too, has already tried to answer the existential question that many of us ask: How long does sex last for most people? How long does it have to take to be satisfactory? Is there a minimum and a maximum duration? Does foreplay count? Very pragmatic questions for such a wonderful occupation - but quite justified.

Because of course it's great to have sex all night long. But the act itself shouldn't take so long after all, that would be extremely painful. Especially since the body always has to recover and gather new strength. So there is a limit to how long you can have sex.

How long does sex last: This is the average length

So if the quickie is too short and the entire night of love without a break is too long, is there a specific time how long sex usually lasts? If one tries to study and statistics in matters of sexuality one can say: yes. But figuring out how long people have had sex on average is not easy for two reasons.

On the one hand: When it comes to sex, many people generally think: more is more and that's why they like to fool around when it comes to length. So the length of the act of love. The other length is often rounded up generously.

On the other hand: who looks at the clock during sex? But as is well known, there is nothing that does not exist. And for study purposes, quite a few couples did it after all and measured the time. This is also the case for a study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia.

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But the 500 test subjects came to completely different results. Sometimes it was a sporty 33 seconds, sometimes a full 44 minutes. Nevertheless, the researchers were able to calculate an average, which reads: Sex usually lasts a good five minutes. 5.4 minutes to be precise.

That sounds so completely different from the sometimes cocky reports of some people who want to have had a half-hour orgasm on their own. What came out and was not surprising: Older subjects were usually finished faster than younger ones (4.3 instead of 6.5 minutes).

A survey by the condom manufacturer Durex, which can be viewed here on statista, comes to a completely different result with regard to the average duration of the lovemaking. According to this, Germans have sex for 17.6 minutes. And in this time you can do a lot more than in five minutes. So we're inclined to have more faith in the Durex poll. At least that would be nicer.

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How long does sex last: when do you start counting?

How long sex lasts, of course, depends on when you turn on the stopwatch. In scientific studies, this is usually from the time of penetration, alias the penetration by the partner. It is then stopped after orgasm or ejaculation. So it's all about pure sexual intercourse - without foreplay & Co.

Whereby one wonders how sex without penetration, for example lesbian sex, is counted. Until orgasm - yes - but when do you start counting as a woman? Apparently, the studies and surveys again assume heteronormativity. Or one can confidently hope during sex between two women that they beat any straight sex by lengths, simply because the entire period of pleasure and ecstasy is measured, including foreplay and all the trimmings.

And that's exactly how you should ultimately measure the duration of sex as a couple. Because sex is so much more than penetration. And so it doesn't matter whether sex lasts 5.4 or 17.6 minutes: As long as the overall game between two people lasts longer and reverberates for a long time, we don't care about disgraceful numbers. In this sense: Make love - all night long!

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What can you do to make sex last longer?

Of course there are also people who can no longer. Where sex is unintentionally short and crisp. Simply because they come too quickly. Which, of course, can put a strain on the relationship. But you can also do something about this and, so to speak, "work on your time".

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Unfortunately, men are often advised to think of something disgusting or un-erotic when having sex so that they don't come too quickly. At least at the moment so that they can slow down again. But also kind of sad, right? So here are a few more useful tips for more stamina in bed:

1. Strengthen the pelvic floor. Yes, dear men, this does not only apply to us women. Your stability also benefits from a well-trained pelvic floor.

2. A healthy lifestyle. So little alcohol, stop smoking and eat healthily - then it will work better again with long-lasting sex. It's just a decision that has to be made. For or against sex.

3. Also go to the doctor and have a check done. Anyone who has problems keeping an erection for a long time sometimes has circulatory disorders, which can also be a harbinger of a heart attack or stroke. The penis, so to speak, as an indicator of the overall health status, because vascular damage can be recognized particularly early here. (You can read more about this here at

4. Training makes perfect. Those who never have sex are also out of shape. Here, too, it helps to practice. You can then practice using the stop-and-go technique. So whenever the orgasm is approaching, slow down again and let the curve ease off a bit. That too needs to be practiced.

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