How do you live a poor life

144,000 children in Switzerland live in poverty

Imagine: Your daughter's class is reviewing the highlights of the school trip to Europa-Park. Only your child can not laugh because it was not there. And it will not be able to share the anticipation when the ski camp is due in March. It is already clear to him: this will take place without me.

Not really belonging, being excluded from what others do for granted - that doesn't feel good. It is the feeling that children and young people affected by poverty keep having. They have to do without because their parents' budget is so tight that even small additional expenses are not an option. This becomes even more of a problem when it comes to purchases that are indispensable, such as new glasses.

In a wealthy country like Switzerland, poverty is a phenomenon that often only becomes apparent on closer inspection. This is what we at the SOS Observer Foundation are there for: We try to identify and close the hidden gaps.

This is made possible by your donations. They help children and young people from poor families to get where they belong: in the middle of society, not on the fringes. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Roland Wahrenberger, President of the SOS Observer Foundation

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