Is it really profitable to sell on Amazon

Is it still worth starting as an Amazon FBA seller in 2021? Personal experience report

Malicious tongues claim "Amazon FBA is dead!" But what has actually changed in recent years? And what does it take to get started on Amazon now? You will find out in this post.

This is our (Amazon FBA) experience: Many products are already represented on Amazon

The number of retailers on Amazon increases every year. Therefore, when you are looking for a product or when you are sourcing your personal bestseller product, it is very likely that you will find that every product that you find on Alibaba and Co. is already represented on Amazon.

This makes the search for a product much more difficult, especially for beginners.

But does that really mean that it is no longer worth starting as a retailer on Amazon?

We say very clearly: No!

Because in the last few years not only the number of sellers on Amazon, but also the number of buyers has increased dramatically! In addition, buying behavior is constantly changing - more and more products are being ordered online.

This balances out the great competition with the increasing potential of the market! Of course, depending on the product category, there are still a large number of factors that decide whether it is possible to successfully place a product here (e.g. if customers are looking for the brand here, not the name of the product).

Nevertheless, there are many ways to successfully set yourself apart from the competition in most product categories - and that is exactly what counts! With a large number of competitors, it has become particularly important to be able to convince customers to buy with added value.

What should you watch out for now with Amazon FBA?

It can be enough to use a special “UAP” (Unique Advertising Proposition), i.e. a unique advertising promise!

In the fight against competition, however, products that have a real “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) - that is, have a real unique selling point - enjoy greater protection. You don't have to invest thousands of euros in product development and product adaptation! It is often enough to be able to bring in a small but decisive added value. This can already be the case with a suitable bundle, an add-on, or some other small difference.

The sellers who accept this challenge and convince with real added value will continue to be successful Amazon FBA dealers. Trade has always been a business model that is constantly evolving and changing, and those who did not adapt to the new circumstances in time have always fallen by the wayside. "If you don't keep up with the times, you keep up with the times"

Online trading should therefore be viewed as both an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. The challenge is often not to be disturbed by the emerging hypes and trends.

For example, many prospective Amazon FBA sellers have let themselves be put off track by the promising dropshipping model and have often ensured that neither the Amazon FBA business nor the dropshipping shop has brought about the hoped-for successes.

Our tips: This is important in 2021 in order to get off to a successful start as an Amazon FBA seller

In summary, our advice for you on how you can still be successful as an Amazon FBA seller in 2021:

  • Sit down - Stand out from the competition and swim against the current. Your own product design and a focus on brand building will help you move forward!
  • creativity - Be creative with product identification and sourcing!
  • Focus on the basics - At the end of the day, staying power counts. Hide new trends and concentrate on the basics (product development, listing optimization, USP)
  • Long-term thinking - Think long-term and don't chase after every new hype!

For more information on getting started on Amazon, take a look at our Amazon FBA instructions. Our Amazon FBA online seminar is also a great help for your successful start!

Conclusion on the topic of Amazon FBA in 2021:

As always, focus and perseverance are the key to (long-term) success! Hopefully this post has shown you that it is far from too late and that we are still far from the Amazon peak!

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that as an Amazon FBA seller you have to constantly work on changing and adapting your products in order to be able to prove yourself in the long run.