When we eat eggs we feel sleepy

Why are you tired after eating?

We feel tired and exhausted, especially after a large meal. (Photo by: racorn / Depositphotos)


Anyone who does a lot of mental work during the day knows the problem: after lunch there is a risk of depression. You get tired and have trouble concentrating. The mental performance decreases. No wonder, as the intestine now needs a lot of blood for digestion and removal - the brain goes empty-handed.

But the composition of the meals can also play a role. The keywords "reactive hypoglycaemia" and "serotonin level" are particularly interesting here. Some people react to various foods with fatigue because the food is rich and filling.

Hard work in the intestines

The filling of the stomach and intestines with food triggers a whole cascade of processes in the body. This also includes an increased and very strong blood flow to the abdomen, because all the nutrients released from the food have to be transported away.

But because the blood as an oxygen supplier is then no longer available in other parts of the body - including the brain, which is in great need of oxygen - the body slows down its performance there a little. For the brain, this means reduced mental performance. After eating you feel tired and weak. The richer the meal, the longer this effect.

Fatigue after eating is also known as a eating coma. (Photo by: ramerocrist.gmail.com / Depositphotos)

The reactive hypoglycaemia

Especially if you have ingested large amounts of rapidly digestible carbohydrates such as sugar with your food, there will be a rapid and very high rise in blood sugar levels.

In order to reduce this, the body releases insulin according to its level. This in turn ensures that the sugar is transported into the cells and thus reduces the blood sugar level. However, if it drops too much, the brain, which needs not only oxygen but also sugar, suffers again. The tiredness increases. Consuming whole grain products, which lead to a slow rise in blood sugar levels, would make sense.

Serotonin makes you tired

Some protein sources such as eggs, meat and sausage, many types of cheese, fish, legumes as well as peanuts and hazelnuts contain a particularly large amount of a sleep-promoting substance: tryptophan.

The human body specifically transports this amino acid to the brain, where it is converted into the messenger substance serotonin. Serotonin has a calming effect on the central nervous system and therefore relieves anxiety, lifts mood and makes you sleepy. The combination of protein sources with carbohydrates increases the effect even more. So if you want to be mentally fit after lunch, you should avoid foods with a high tryptophan content.

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