Mushrooms go bad

When are mushrooms bad?

When the mushrooms are bad

Edible mushrooms such as mushrooms, boletus or chanterelles can go bad like any food. Mold is an obvious sign that the fungus is spoiled. Alongside this, you will find other characteristics to help you know that the mushrooms are bad.

  1. View surface. If the mushrooms show brown spots or a wrinkled surface, the mushrooms are no longer edible.
  2. Scan the surface. Fresh mushrooms feel dry. If the surface is greasy, the mushrooms are bad.
  3. Check smell. Smell the mushrooms. If these have a tranquil, fishy or sweet smell, they are spoiled and not suitable for consumption.

Tips for buying mushrooms

Buy only fresh mushrooms. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

Fresh herbs are usually only available in season. This also applies to sage, which ...

  • Do not buy mushrooms that have the hat loosening from the stem.
  • Buy firm, plump mushrooms.
  • Don't buy mushrooms that feel limp.
  • If the interface on the fungus looks lignified, it was harvested a long time ago.
  • Missing lamellas indicate deterioration.

Eating fresh mushrooms is healthy and delicious. If what you see, feel, and smell the mushrooms are spoiled, discard them.

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