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Cold-pressed dog food - a selection

Manufacturers who offer cold-pressed dry dog ​​food place great value on natural nutrition. But cold pressing is just one of many aspects that must be considered when choosing the right feed for your darling. We present three cold-pressed dry dog ​​food. What they all have in common is the high meat content, the use of cold-pressed oils and the healthy extras such as herbs, fruit or algae that round off the respective pellets. What does your dog like best?

Lukullus dry food is a cold-pressed natural food with fruit and high-quality oils that benefit from the gentle cold-pressing process. The complete food for dogs of all breeds and sizes is available in exclusive varieties such as "Barbarie duck and lamb" or "Chicken and North Sea Salmon" and, thanks to its high meat content, provides your dog with many high-quality proteins.

Markus Mühle is one of the classics among cold-pressed dog foods: The family business from the Westerwald aims to produce “booty in a bag” and has therefore relied exclusively on the cold-pressing process for over 50 years. In addition to the proven Markus Mühle natural food in two different pellet sizes, there are now other varieties such as "Black Angus beef" and "Red deer stag".

Lupo dog food from the same manufacturer is also only available cold-pressed. In addition to a variant for every dog, there is also a dry food for nutrition-sensitive dogs. As with Markus Mühle, it is not only about natural nutrition, but also about animal welfare: the chicken meat it contains also comes from Swiss farms with species-appropriate animal husbandry.