What are the best longboard bearings

Longboard ball bearing guide selection & care

The Ball bearings on your longboard decide how smoothly you drive. Whether you tend to slide there or bump. Hence this guide. He shouldn't just be with you Selection of good longboard bearings help, but also show you how to properly care for them, and give you tips on how to change and Installation and removal give.

Good longboard ball bearings have a low rolling resistance

High-quality ball bearings ensure that your longboard rolls "smoothly". They are also called Rolling bearings or bearings. They are attached to the axles of each roller and allow the wheels to turn with little resistance. Each wheel needs two ball bearings, which means that your longboard has twice as many bearings as wheels.

The Prevent spacersthat the stock at Squeeze Get damaged. The spacer sits between the two ball bearings and keeps the inner rings at the same distance as the roller core is wide. Without the spacer, the ball bearings would break when the nut is tightened. The diameter of the axle pin, which is between eight and ten millimeters thick, determines which spacer is right for which ball bearing. So that the bearings do not rub against the end of the hanger or the nut two speed rings installed. One between mother and camp, and one between mother and Hangerend.

Your bearings affect your speed

Two ball bearings with removed shields, that's what your ball bearings look like from the inside. High-quality and, above all, clean and well-lubricated ball bearings allow you to slide faster and much softer.

The quality of the bearings is primarily related to how much energy they swallow. In good longboard bearings, this goes due to high quality material and precise processing, hardly any energy is lost, so that in theory you can pick up more speed - as long as you have the skills and also combine the bearings with the right deck and high-quality wheels.

The wheat is separated from the chaff when we talk about durability and maintenance intensity when it comes to ball bearings. These two points also depend on the material.

Especially if you like to drive on less paved roads, it hangs Care intensity even with that Lifetime together.

Warning: around that perfect longboard ball bearings There are many myths entwined, so don't be fooled, but become a mythbuster. Predicates such as "Swiss" and "ABEC“You should as well critical consider how Free time videos of certain models.

Greased bearings are dirt and water repellent

A good lubrication reduces friction and with it heat. That gives you more speed and at the same time ensures less wear and tear. Some longboard ball bearings are greased for this purpose, others are oiled. Attention, because of its viscosity, silicone spray is not very suitable to bring about the effects mentioned. Silicone oil is a very good oil, but it would disappear from your bearings too quickly. But if you want to get the best out of your bearings over short distances and you don't mind maintaining your longboard bearings often, just give it a try.

For one permanent lubrication your bearings take care of fats and oils. Oiled bearings are said to have higher speeds, but you often have to re-oil them - at the latest when they rattle or squeak. Oiled bearings are more resilient because they are dirt and water repellent are. You can also use originally oiled bearings Grease afterwards. The other way around, it only works to a limited extent. Since the gain in speed with oiling instead of greasing is only minimal, the Breasing usually makes more sense. Regardless of whether you have opted for greased or oiled bearings, you have to Maintain regularlyto extend their lifespan.

Don't get addicted to ball bearing myths

The ABEC value (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) is a rating system for industrial bearings. The higher this number, the lower the manufacturing tolerances of your longboard ball bearings or, in other words, the higher their precision can be. You will encounter values ​​between ABEC3 and ABEC7, but be careful and do not choose according to ABEC. The ABEC value alone only says how exactly the pure manufacturing process and the quality of the manufacturing machines should be classified. So he can give you as rough guide serve, but shouldn't be the main focus of your decision.

A poorly lubricated ball bearing made from inferior material can still have a high ABEC value. The other way around is the same. The predicate “Swiss” also refers purely to the manufacturing accuracy, but not to the rest of the quality. In addition, there are no precise guidelines that a “Swiss” product must follow. This award is therefore meaningless for you. The "Skate Tested" rating from Bones is, for example, much more sensible than ABEC and “Swiss”, because it wants to say something about the practical usability of the bearings instead of about manufacturing theory. A quality myth that is just as popular as “Swiss” and “ABEC” is the free running time with regard to bearings.

Turning the roller and measuring the time it takes to stand still says even less about the bearing quality. In addition, a ball bearing only proves itself under load, which is simply missing in this experiment.

Ceramic ball bearings are high quality, but extremely expensive

As a rule, longboard ball bearings are either made of polished Steel or ceramic. Even good stainless steel ball bearings and chrome steel ball bearings are immune to corrosion, but ceramic is more heat-resistant, easier to care for, lighter in weight and as well more stable. Keramink ball bearings are very different from steel ball bearings insensitive to water so if you come into the rain you don't have to worry about your bearings.

Therefore, ceramic bearings let you roll faster and longer than steel bearings with little drive and little cleaning effort. However, you need to have a lot of modeling clay to upgrade your longboard with ceramic bearings. These high investment is only worthwhile for you if you are a real longboard freak.

A low number of balls ensures smoothness and speed

Usually included Longboard ball bearing seven balls. However, models like the Super Swiss 6 from Bones are equipped with six. This is particularly relevant for you with regard to the service life and speed of the bearings. In ball bearings with six balls there is less friction, which allows you to drive faster speeds with less wear and tear. As a speed junkie, you are better off with 6 balls.

Follow your preferences with the Shields

When choosing ball bearings, never underestimate the relevance of the shields. These are the side covers of the bearings, which are usually made of plastic or metal. You decisively decide how much time you in the future Maintenance of the warehouse have to invest. Plastic covers are denser, but they create more friction, which makes you slower. Metal shields last longer because they don't drag. They slow you down less, but make for more maintenance. There are also metal shields with a rubber that are supposed to keep water and dirt away from the bearing. You can recognize them by the addition "2RS". However, the rubber coating is prone to damage.

In addition to the material, when choosing a shield you also pay attention to whether there is a shield on both or only one side. Bearings closed on both sides are more dust-proof and therefore more durable and less maintenance-intensive. You recognize a warehouse closed on both sides at the award 608 ZZ, while “open” bearings have one Z less. The main advantage of the openness is the easier maintenance of the bearings. You've probably already noticed: each type of shield has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice therefore depends on your requirements and preferences.

Amphetamine ball bearings

Usable ball bearings cost you between 15 and 150 euros

So that you can get a little insight into what useful longboard ball bearings cost you, here are a few more examples. AMPHETAMINES ABEC 7 SPEED, which offer stability, smoothness and easy care requirements for 18 euros, are suitable for beginners. The approximately 5 euros more expensive BONES REDS are the best-selling ball bearings and, with their moderate price, are just as suitable for beginners.

If you still makes higher demands is this BUSTIN ABEC 9 SPEED maybe the right camp for you. These bearings are very durable and fast. However, they already cost you around 25 euros. The IGSA's speed record was set with an even faster bearing - the SEISMIC TEKTON ABEC 7 for about 30 euros. For the six ball bearings mentioned above, on the other hand, you will have to pay around 75 euros. The Ceramic ball bearings of Bones start at around 110 and end at over 150 euros. If you're shopping anyway, don't forget to get some maintenance products for the bearings. In this regard, Bones offers good products at reasonable prices. You pay around 10 euros for the Bones Speed ​​Cream and the bearing cleaner for around 15 euros helps you line up the bearings and clean them intensively.

In order to clean your longboard ball bearings, you have to dismantle your longboard

At the latest with noises from the bearings or an uneven driving experience, your Longboard ball bearings for cleaning on. To do this, you have to get the bearings off your longboard first. It is best to dismantle the rollers and axles with an Allen key. You use the pin of the Allen key to loosen the bearings. Depending on which spacers are in your board, you will either need a six or eight millimeter mandrel.

When you have loosened the ball bearing, use the mandrel to push the spacer out of the roller. With eight millimeter thick spacers, you now hook the mandrel behind the spacer and pull it out. With six millimeter thick spacers, you press against them with the spike until the bearing on the other side detaches from the board. You can remove the covers with a clean, thin knife.

In the video you can see how you can best proceed to clean your ball bearings.
If you have any questions about cleaning after the video, you will find detailed instructions under the video.

Water, detergent, and isopropane will help you clean

Longboard ball bearings are removed and rinsed until there are no more residues on the balls.

The You clean shields you with some water and dish soap. Then dry them well with a soft, lint-free cloth. The bearings go into a glass or metal container without the cover. You can now bathe in isopropyl alcohol. But be careful: Wear gloves when handling this liquid and observe the safety instructions on the packaging.

The alcohol is highly flammable and its fumes can harm you. Respiratory protection can therefore also be useful. You should also find a well-ventilated room for the bearing bath. Use just enough isopropanol to completely cover the longboard bearings. You then close the container and rock it for a few minutes. Repeat this process with fresh isopropanol as long as the liquid still shows traces of dirt.

Don't forget to lubricate after cleaning

When you have finished cleaning the ball bearings, dispose of the isopropanol as described on the packaging and let the bearings dry on a clean, lint-free cloth. Before you proceed, all residual fluids and dirt should be a thing of the past. Once that is the case, you can get down to the lubrication.

If you have care products like the Bearings Speed ​​Cream on hand, all you have to do is put a pot of them on the inside of the warehouse. Then turn the ball bearing with your finger and rub the drop in. Then you can press the dry shields back on.