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5 Burgenland jokes that Burgenlanders laugh about too

There is a good tradition in Austria of telling Burgenland jokes. There is hardly anyone who does not have one in the report or who has not already been told about one. Why this is so has been well researched: Regions that have a high commuting rate due to a lack of companies and jobs are often equated with "backwoods" - not only in Austria.

A good joke always works

But the Burgenlander not only has the fact that he often has to commute to work or leave his beloved state, but also that he has a strong sense of (self) irony. So he easily remains in control of the situation when someone jokes about Burgenland in his presence. Especially when the joke is just good.

Would you like a few examples? Here are our top 5!

1. Burgenland in road traffic

Which additional boards are there at the roundabout in Burgenland? - A maximum of 15 minutes!

2. Tamagotchi à la Burgenland

The Burgenland Tamagotchi? - A fly in a plastic bag.

3. Burgenland helicopter

What do two Burgenlanders do with a helicopter? One honks the horn, the other screws.

4. Burgenland television

Why do Burgenlanders put a pepper on their television set? So that the picture becomes sharper.

5. Burgenland behind the wheel

What does a Burgenlander call after crashing into a tree? - I honked anyway.