How do I write an exclamation point

What should we do about the exclamation point madness? They storm us from all sides, on Facebook, on Twitter, from advertising pillars and billboards, even from the pin board in the office. The post-it note shouts.

There is also a single roar in the Facebook timeline. "Happy Birthday!!!!" and "Really now? !!!", it doesn't count below that: My ears or eyes hurt. Obviously Til Schweiger, who likes to add one or two exclamation marks to his statements, is not the only person who seems to be constantly calling out to you: Listen! Me! To!

The exclamation point is the macho among punctuation marks. Where the semicolon subtly separates short sentences and the comma provides pauses for thought, the exclamation mark leaves no room for anything else. Here I come! - and nothing more behind it. And is a single macho annoying enough, like only when he appears in a group. Already pushy as a duo (!!), he only develops his true penetrance in a trio (!!!). You could also write in capital letters (b).

Does it have to be that way? Is our opinion now so little worth it that it has to be underlined with everything we can get? Apparently. In times when many only see black or white but no longer gray and this is almost forgotten, the exclamation mark seems to have found its place.

Every amateur pegidist and his opponent can give his opinion, no matter how unfounded, with a line with a dot and give the impression that contradiction is pointless. On the Facebook page of these angry citizens, under a post about the TU Berlin, which has closed a prayer room for Muslims, it says: "This religion has trampled on us long enough and only challenged us!" SPD member of the Bundestag Johannes Kahrs reacts to Erika Steinbach's refugee tweet with exclamation; AfD chairwoman Ms. Petry garnishes her political intentions with a quartet of exclamation marks:

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But it doesn't even have to be about politics; how often do all timelines just say "read !!!" instead of writing why.

The exclamation mark has destroyed all overtones

What is a simple wow when it comes to wow with an exclamation mark! becomes? The inflationary exclamation mark has changed our reception: a spelling without! is immediately suspicious of irony. Or maybe even pejorative. Doesn't the other mean "wow" at all, but actually "don't annoy me with your unimportant life!"? The exclamation mark destroyed all the nuances.

Anna Kemper puts it in the time so: "... the line with the point is the punctuation mark of the eternally misunderstood, who have the feeling that they are not sufficiently heard - and as a consequence turn up the volume first."

But what if you just paint it? When you let go of the constant excitement - and let the statement stand for itself? Are we afraid that we will no longer be heard in the virtual expanse? That our statement mixes with many others and its meaning is curtailed? Apparently there is no other explanation for the inflationary use of exclamation marks.

A look at WhatsApp: "Come ten minutes later. Nice to meet you!" Or: "Yeah, found the book in the library !!!" Otherwise, does the other person not understand how much joy they really are over the upcoming meeting, or over the literary surprise coup? "The exclamation mark gives special emphasis to the above," says the Duden. But what if it takes away all meaningfulness from what has been said - because it is simply too big? And with such a strongly accented "Jippiehhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" there is little exclamation left for all the signs.

You don't have to go as far as that Rheinische Postwho wants to make the exclamation point smoother and states: "An exclamation point that believes in flexibility becomes a question mark." The opposite development would be more pleasant: If we concentrate more on the statements and less on the emphasis. Even at the risk of being mistaken for ironic. After all, your ears will no longer hurt while reading.