Is Dubai better than Singapore

From Dubai to Singapore

We check in shortly after midnight Dubai airport one, we have an overnight flight to Singapore. Today we are flying with the for the first time Airbus A380. In this huge machine we have a little more space than in the last plane, both in terms of legroom and seat width. Luck is on our side, the plane is not even half full and we have a complete middle row of four seats to ourselves. Darian lies on the middle two seats and sleeps, while we watch from left and right that he does not accidentally fall off the seat.

Changi, the Singapore Airport, appears to be from the century before last compared to Dubai, it strongly reminds us of the old Don Muaeng Airport in Bangkok, which at least I still know from the time before it was replaced by the modern Suvarnabhumi Airport. Our visa we get it quickly, the luggage is already waiting for us. We take ourselves Taxi to the city center, halfway to our hostel in the district Little India a really decent tropical rain begins. The 5 steps from the taxi to the entrance of the small building are enough to check into the Mori Hostel completely drenched and to move into our room.

Loyal readers will surely remember the description of our room in the Marco Polo Hotel in Dubai and that this would probably define the upper end of our hotel scale for the entire world tour. Almost everything we've had in Dubai is in the Mori Hostel in Singapore Not. We have a bed, that's right. Even the mattress is good, that cannot be taken for granted. And a small flat screen TV on the wall. The bathroom and shower are right next door, we share both with the other guests in the small hostel. Both room and bathroom are clean, there is nothing to complain about. But that's it.

For the same price as in Dubai, we get this in Singapore measly rooms with less than 8 square meters, no storage space, super uncomfortable ceiling lighting and a rancid ambience? Not even your own bathroom? Welcome to Singapore! This is how it is in this city, which is located in Southeast Asia but is so completely different from big cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Yogyakarta, which we all know well. Marsi really did a lot of research and we were sure we had made a good choice with this hostel. Unfortunately we are disappointed. There are of course plenty of good hotels in Singapore, we would have loved to have stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel at least once and had a cocktail on the famous roof, but we simply cannot afford 400 euros a night or more.

Since it is still raining, we lie down first, it is already 6 p.m. and almost dark. To be on the safe side, we set the alarm clock to an hour later, skilfully ignore it and don't get up again until 8 p.m. We are wide awake in a flash when Marsi asks: "Tell me, where is our stroller?" We count our manageable number of pieces of luggage and we realize that we are our loved ones Forgot the buggy in the taxi to have. Because of the rain, wet and quick to get out of the car, we no longer thought of taking him from the back seat. As much as we feel about ourselves in the next few minutes to annoy, we will - hopefully - not have to worry about the rest of the journey.

I rush to reception, which luckily is still occupied and I hope for help from the receptionist. She asks me which taxi company we used, which of course we didn't notice any more than the license plate and the name of the nice driver. In the dark we think we can remember that the taxi was white and blue, so at least the young lady knows which company she can try her luck with on the phone.

We don't have much hope of seeing our buggy again when we pack Darian in our rucksack and for a quarter of an hour through the hot, humid Little India to the next shopping mall to run. We order from the Chinese dinnerthat we eat listlessly and still angry. After all, Darian tastes good, he makes a few attempts to run through the emptying mall and entertains the employees who clean up their food stalls or close their shops.

At 10:30 p.m. we are back in our hostel and can hardly believe it: ours Buggy is back! He stands behind the receptionist and is waiting for us! The young lady tells us that the driver, in whose taxi we forgot the stroller, stopped by a few minutes after calling the taxi company and brought the buggy. Phew! You can't expect that much luck. We are very happy and decide to take even better care of our luggage in the future so that we don't actually lose something at some point and don't just forget it.

The following night we find little sleep. We often feel reminded of China and Nepal when the other guests visit the shower and toilet right next to our room and clear their throats loudly and spit extensively. Even digestion does not seem to be going smoothly for everyone, as we can clearly hear. The air conditioning blows directly on our bed, where else should it blow in this mini-room. Without it, it gets unbearably hot and humid within a few minutes, so we prefer to switch it on with the thin duvet to protect ourselves from being blown directly on.

We torture each other at 7:30 a.m. breakfast roomwho looked so stylish and modern in the photos on the internet. In reality, however, this narrow, tubular open-air corridor is the only area with enough space for a few bar stools and breakfast items. We get to know you Kaya, a specialty from Singapore: The Coconut spread We like toast on toast so much that we stock up for the rest of the week and are very sorry that we are not allowed to take any of it with us to Australia.

Even before we got up we decided that we definitely wouldn't be able to spend the next 6 nights in this hostel before our onward flight to Australia. Marsi plays her highest trump card and asks without further ado Nicole to see if the offer is still open, send us a couch to offer. Half an hour later we have everything packed up, paid the bill for one night in the hotel and sit in the taxi that takes us from Little India to an elegant residential area in the southeast of the city.

Nicole herself has already gone to work, so her husband makes us Emil open the door and greet us warmly. Daniel, the three-year-old son of the two, is already in kindergarten. We don't just get a couch, but a cozy IKEA sofa bed in one own room, with fan and air conditioning, we can also use the living room, bathroom and kitchen. We're not jamming badly about that panoramic view from the 15th floor: Not far away is the sea, where countless large ships are waiting to be cleared in the port.

Nicole, Emil, Daniel? Couch and own room? It's very easy: we do it Couchsurfing! Months before our departure, Marsi made contact with this family, who live in Singapore and provide their couch, via the large couch surfing portal. At that time we had no experience with this type of accommodation, so we decided to book a hostel for Singapore instead of staying with a family for a whole week that we don't know and who don't know us. After all, we have our son with us, who not only determines our daily and especially night rhythm.

Now we are overjoyed that the two of them invited us and made their room available to us. We also learn Horia know, a couch surfer looking for a job who has lived here for a long time. He is - next to Nicole, Emil and Daniel - certainly one of the very pleasant travel acquaintances that we will remember fondly for a long time to come.

After yesterday's disappointment in the Mori Hostel, the world looks completely different today. If the weather is good, we will explore the closer Surroundings Walk to the apartment block and find paradise across the street: one block with small shops and restaurants Food courts. There you can get the fantastic food that Singapore is famous for for little money. A mix of different cultures and tastes that come together here.

It also runs along the seafront East Coast Park with a road many kilometers long that is reserved exclusively for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and inline skaters. In most places you can also camp, we see a lot of families who want to make themselves comfortable here over the coming weekend.

In the evening we learn Daniel know, the three-year-old son of Nicole and Emil. A whirlwind and a bundle of energy that we first have to get used to: with Nicole he speaks Chinese, with Emil Romanian and in kindergarten and everywhere else he learns English.

On our couch we sleep extremely well. Once again, the past day has shown us that there is a solution for everything and that bad experiences are simply part of it. It is up to you to turn bad experiences into good ones. We took some great photos on our first walk in Singapore: