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12 ideas to help you enjoy your life more

12 ideas to help you enjoy your life more

Everyday life rushes past us. One week goes by, the next. The to-do list is long and the demands we place on ourselves are high. Our Instagram feed leads us to believe that everyone else is jumping around in Dolce Vita mode. Even if we theoretically know that most of us feel the same way, and we don't all start the morning with a healthy breakfast dressed up in one of the city's trendy cafes, a nagging dissatisfaction quickly creeps in.
Do you also think that you still lack something for your happiness? "If only I had a relationship, would make more money, then ..." The comparison and the high expectations make you lose sight of what really matters. You wonder how you can get the best out of your life Here are 12 ideas to help you enjoy your life more.

Idea 1: change ONE habit

It is well known that the little things have a big impact in the long run. What bad habit is keeping you from finally being happy? Ask yourself what is the one thing you should stop or start doing in order to change your life day in and day out. Have you wanted to quit smoking for a long time, exercise more or nag less? Now is the best time to do it! And remember, it's about the process, not perfection. According to psychologists, it can take a month to establish a new habit in the subconscious.

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Idea 2: ask yourself THIS question!

Three words that are very expressive: "Do I want this?" If you can answer the following three questions with a clear "Yes", you know that you are on the right track:

  • WANT I the? (or do I have to?)
  • Want I the? (or someone else?)
  • I want to THE? (or something else?)

If your answer is "no", it is time to make a change. Journaling (a mindfulness diary) can help you to get clear about your wishes and goals. Write down what your perfect day would look like and do a reality check!

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Idea 3: take time for yourself!

Are you a people pleaser? It is often easier for us women to be there for others than for ourselves. The caring, nurturing and mothering lies in our genes. But only when we are doing well can we also be there for others. Plan time off for yourself in everyday life, small self-care oases with things that you do only for yourself - without a guilty conscience.

Idea 4: Treat yourself to relaxation!

"Our worth does not depend on what we do in this world," said the pastor, Josephine Teske, in our online conference #YesYouCan. You don't have to be stressed or busy to be important. And a balanced life relaxation is as much a part of it as tension. Allow yourself to calm yourself down with these tips for quick relaxation.

Idea 5: read less messages

The flood of information in our world today is enormous. As soon as you switch on your cell phone in the morning, messages patter down on you, which are usually processed unfiltered by the brain. Being informed is important, but create conscious moments reading the news for yourself. This is how you protect yourself and your mental health from constantly being confronted with negative headlines.

Idea 6: explore new places

Do you drive to work the same way every day? If we keep doing the same thing, the neural pathways for our behavior become larger. You can think of these links like highways in your head. So in order to think new thoughts, you have to go new ways that you have not gone before. How about a detour to work? Become a tourist in your own city and explore the area with open eyes. Who knows what treasures you will discover very close to you.

Idea 7: practice gratitude

What you put out comes back to you. This is what the psychological concept of self-fulfilling prophecy says. So whether you get up on the wrong foot or start the day with a sun salutation is your decision. What can you be thankful for today?

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Idea 8: do more of what makes you happy!

Hand on heart: how much time do you spend doing things you don't enjoy? And how much time do you take for what you like? It's a simple math: find what you enjoy and do more of it.

Idea 9: be social!

For many introverted people, the corona regulations were a relief because the stress of leisure time has disappeared. But whether introverted or not, we are all social beings and long for connectedness and the feeling of belonging. Even if we are digitally networked, nothing can replace proximity and personal contact. Which people enrich your life? Pick up the phone and let them know how important they are to you.

Idea 10: create a nice environment for yourself

Inner order = outer order? After Marie Kondo, yes. The tidying expert recommends surrounding yourself with what makes you happy. Everything else can go. Throwing off ballast ensures clear thoughts and opens your eyes to the essentials.

Idea 11: move your body!

Happiness hormones, less anxiety and more focus? Your body gives you this gift when you move it. After a long day of sitting, the best thing you can do for your satisfaction is to put on your running shoes or swing on the yoga mat. It's not about forcing yourself to exercise, but rather finding a sport that suits you!

Idea 12: stop comparing yourself to others!

Yes, we all tend to compare ourselves. And most of us do worse than the others. In doing so, you are most likely comparing your darker sides with someone else's canvas. Let Karl Lagerfeld tell you: "Personality starts where the comparison ends," because it is YOUR life. You are exactly right the way you are. And what everyone else does does not matter. So decide which one Life you want to live and what makes you happy!

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