What is metal sintering

Metal sintering - laser sintering metal

Questions and answers about metal sintering:

What is metal sintering?
Metal sintering is a rapid prototyping process in which metal powder is fused using a laser beam at high temperatures.

Where is metal sintering used?
The laser sintering process is often used for complex shapes that cannot be made with any other process. Almost anything can be built thanks to the layered construction. Our parts are particularly common in aircraft construction, space travel, but also in the furniture and mechanical engineering sectors.

How accurate is the metal sintering process?
We can make model with an accuracy of 0.01mm. The metal sintered models have a high level of strength and can withstand high mechanical loads. Today the term metal 3D printing is often used for metal sintering.

What material is used in metal sintering?
We offer the materials stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, inconel and titanium.

What data do you need to implement a metal model?
You can provide us with a CAD file in STL format or Step format. We can then make you an offer with the volume model.