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Abbreviation "N / A": meaning and translation

Anyone who looks at tables more often, or creates them in spreadsheet software such as Excel, LibreOffice Calc or similar programs, will certainly have stumbled across the abbreviation "N / A". We explain the meaning of the abbreviation in the following guide.

The abbreviation N / A (or also written n.a.) exists in English as in German and can have different meanings. In the end, however, the abbreviation always stands for missing information or an impossible specification.

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Abbreviation "N / A": meaning & translation

The English abbreviation usually stands for one of the following meanings:

Not AvailableNot availableA table here indicates that certain information is missing. The abbreviation is also often used for the online status of various chat services and messengers if the respective user has not been active for a long time.
Not applicableInapplicableIf a constellation occurs in a table or a calculation that is not possible in this way, the abbreviation is often used for Not applicable.
No answerNo AnswerEven if there is no answer to a question (e.g. interview situation), this is often indicated by the abbreviation “n.a.”.

The abbreviation can also be used in German, where stands n / A. therefor not aspecified or not ausable.

# N / A error or error value #NV in Excel

If you stumble across the # N / A error or the # NV error in Excel, you are dealing with a missing information as described above. This error often occurs with a reference or comparison function.

If the corresponding element that you want to refer to is not available (or was spelled incorrectly), Excel outputs a # NV error. To solve the problem, you have to look in the source file to see whether the corresponding value is available or the correct source is referenced in the formula.

Use the reference function in Microsoft Excel

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