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Unattractive: These are the things men do not find attractive in women

Whenever we shop for the latest trends, get a stylish hairstyle or put on a lot of make-up, we don't necessarily do it to please the male sex, but rather so that we feel comfortable in our own skin. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to know which things men do not find attractive in women at all and what can even make them flee. We have taken on exactly this topic and cannot withhold the answers from you.

1. Bad mood

Don't worry, everyone has it, but in the long run, a bad mood is the absolute relationship killer. Most of all, we want to have fun with our partner, and the same is true for men. So either you cancel the upcoming date if you just feel totally unhappy, or you pull yourself together, let yourself go to your loved one and leave the negative thoughts behind you.

2. You only address your problems

Sure, you can cry to your partner from time to time and wish for someone with whom you can find support in difficult situations, but similarly to the bad mood, the same applies here: in moderation! If you just want to talk about problems and always want to focus on yourself, this can quickly lead to your partner losing interest.

3. Too much makeup

Here a little highlighter, there a little more contouring, the eyeliner and some lipstick - ok, stop! Geheimnis It's no secret that men like naturalness. Therefore, your make-up should always be appropriate for the occasion and you should not have any inhibitions about showing yourself without make-up in front of your loved one. You will quickly notice that this is how he likes you best.

4. Constant gossip

We women just love to do it, even if we know that the opposite sex finds it extremely unattractive: We speak of gossiping or what we call it, observing, analyzing and evaluating. It is clear to all of us that if you just piss off others, it will never go down well. That's why it's better to share the latest gossip with your best friends and not annoy your loved ones with it all the time.

5. Compare

If your partner isn't the first man you've been with, then it's perfectly normal for you to compare him to your ex-boyfriend as well. However, it should be done in your head or while talking to your best friend. Because with the constant comparisons and stories about your ex, you only make him unsure and make him wonder what exactly he is doing at your side.

6. Arrogance

Do you prefer to talk to your reflection in the mirror than to other people? Sure, men find self-confidence sexy - but the rule here is: in moderation! If you keep making him feel like you're better, he'll quickly run away.

7. Constant control

Where were you last, who are you writing to or who was that on the phone? You constantly want to know everything down to the smallest detail and you control every step of your partner. That can't please any man and it would probably go against the grain yourself. In addition, your level of attractiveness drops to zero with this behavior.

8. Disinterest

The other extreme: disinterest. Again, a healthy mediocrity is the key. Because men like to go hunting and women want to conquer is in their nature. However, if you do not show any signs that you too are reciprocating his feelings and that you feel like seeing him, that every other event is more important than meeting him, then you are wasting not only his time, but also your time, because he is guaranteed not to find it attractive.

9. Unreliability

You're always late, don't stick to any agreements, and if you're being completely honest, he shouldn't rely on you. If all of this is true, we'd better warn you: Don't plan your future with him, because men find this extremely unattractive.

10. You are totally put on

As soon as you are with him, you are like a different person. Your laugh is fake and your voice three octaves higher. Even your friends don't recognize you in his presence. Even if he's a man, he'll notice your fake manner faster than you might think. So be yourself - because you deserve someone who loves you for who you are.

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