How to sharpen serrated kitchen knives

Information on sharpening cutlery knives


In our article on the subject of knife sharpening, the sharpening of knives is discussed in general, or rather the sharpening of knives with a smooth edge. Bread knives or cutlery knives have to be treated differently from the topic. For knives with corrugation / serration, i.e. most cutlery knives, special tools are required for sharpening. In the home it is therefore almost impossible to sharpen cutlery knives without major investments. Various tools or whetstones can be used in the home for knives with a smooth grind; this is not possible when sharpening cutlery knives.


Sharpening cutlery knives is a very special topic for us too. Since the manufacturers of cutlery knives use different wave profiles, several tools are necessary. These tools require extensive investments so that not every grinding company can sharpen cutlery knives. The second difficulty is that sharpening cutlery knives is always a compromise between sharpness and appearance. Because cutlery knives not only have to be sharp, they also have to look good.

What we do:

When we sharpen cutlery knives, we always consider this compromise between appearance and sharpness. Since we do not have all the wave profile tools either, we are guided by the wave profile that has been ground in up to now. As a rule, we have the right or a similar tool so that sharpening cutlery knives is not a major hurdle for us.

Our request to you:

If you would like us to sharpen your cutlery knives, please provide further information. If it is very important to you that the cutlery knives look very elegant, then we can take this into account. If you do not provide any information, we will use the look of the knife as a guide. Especially with very elegant cutlery knives, we make sure that this elegance is retained. If the cutlery knife is even slightly scratched, we usually polish the scratches out of the metal.

Extra information:

In our references you can read that we have already sharpened many cutlery knives. If you are toying with the idea of ​​having your cutlery knife sharpened, please have a look at the references.

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