Why did Yoda burn the tree

Anakin's spirit of power almost in "Star Wars - The Last Jedi"?

@ luhp92
Of course, it didn't bother anyone for 30 years, but the story wasn't even over then.
Yes, you just didn't know the beginning. And if there hadn't been the change, I would assume that no one would want this change now, because it just always made sense that a physically healthy Shaw was there - because of fantasy and such.

And as I said, Sebastian Shaw as a physically intact power spirit doesn't really make sense, Stephen Hawking as a power spirit wouldn't simply be a physically healthy old man.
Sorry, I was absent from this lesson in the subject "Power Spiritual Science for Beginners": S

TiiN is just right. Ultimately, you can represent it or explain it how you want it. But if I think of something like a soul when I think of Power Spirit, then I would think that Stephen Hawking doesn't park in a wheelchair in front of Peter's door ... And woe to some wise guy now that you can't compare the doctrine of power with Christianity;)

But of course I would not go so far as to view this as a plothole or a logic error. I didn't mind that Yoda could let a lightning bolt appear ^^