Bipolar hypersexuality is insatiable

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and dry intoxication - apparently also a topic, although with a lot of imagination I can't quite imagine how it can be seriously meant ...

"Sexaholics": Help out of addiction
They are jokingly called "Don-Juan", "Sexaholics" or "Nymphomaniac": people who are sexually insatiable. They are always looking for the next love adventure, but when they find it they are left unsatisfied. Such people's lives often have nothing to do with fun. They suffer from their behavior but cannot change it themselves. These people are sick.

Psychologists attribute compulsive sexual behavior not least to the fact that sex is becoming more and more important in our society: sex is ubiquitous, consumable, and for sale. There is no longer any room for taboos: Everyone can and is allowed to talk about their sexual practices and fantasies on talk shows - advertising, television and fashion would be unthinkable without sex. For many people, sexual permissiveness has brought new freedom, but it presents others with major emotional and mental problems: Sex can become an addiction.

There are no special facilities for sex addicts
The sex addict needs to realize that he is sick. A difficult process for an addict that often only begins when illness, depression, or thoughts of suicide arise. The way to a counseling center, clinic or to an expert is still a rocky path. There is no special medical facility for sex addicts.

Sex addiction manifests itself differently in each person affected, so the treatment must also be individual. Usually the patients go to the doctor because of other difficulties - these are also used as a basis for the therapy. For example, if someone comes to a psychologist because of a conflict in their relationship, couples therapy can be the focus.

No more sex
Quitting sex addiction can be compared to quitting alcohol. First and foremost is abstinence, that is, the complete renunciation of sexuality.

"Dry rush"
There is a certain danger in the so-called dry intoxication: It can be compared with ex-smokers who become militant non-smokers. "Dry intoxication" means that the compulsive behavior of addiction is not overcome, but simply not acted out.

Most relapses occur after about six months, according to the experience of psychologists. Fantasies recede in the end: It can take years for a sex addict to experience himself as free again.

The number of self-help groups is growing
There are now self-help groups for sex addicts in almost every major city - and their number is growing all the time. Some experts are skeptical of these support groups. For those affected, however, the offer can be of inestimable value. In self-help groups, they often tell other people about their problem for the first time and thus take the first step out of addiction.

Anonymous self-help groups work on the principle of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). The first group was formed in 1984. It is called "Anonymous Sex and Love Addicts" (S.L.A.A.). This group mainly includes those affected who have a severely disturbed relationship to sexuality.

"A.S." are "Anonymous Sexaholics". Among them are those who practice sex with frequently changing partners, adopt dangerous practices, frequently have sex with prostitutes, or spend a lot of money in sex shops. There tend to be more men than women here.

"S-Anon" brings together relatives who suffer from their partner's addiction to sex.

I find it suspicious that you always address the "partner" first, and the "affected person" practically then
unsuspecting stumbles into an open trap ...
I know very well from my 1st mania, which had a lot to do with the Swiss psycho sect "VPM" and which has now been "dissolved" to reassure the public ...
Don't make me laugh: fanatics like that just reorganize and take on new names ...