Is GTA IV better than GTA V.

Special - 10 years of Grand Theft Auto IV : 10 reasons why GTA IV is still (maybe) better than GTA V today

Happy birthday, Niko Bellic! In the meantime it has become much quieter in Liberty City, since most of it takes place in Los Santos, but your exertions should not be forgotten, on the contrary: When Grand Theft Auto IV was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ten years ago tomorrow, it led The open-world spectacle incorporates many gameplay mechanics that make GTA IV still unique today and even make the successor Grand Theft Auto V look old.

Passers-by are less aggressive

Maybe it's just because of the vibe of the city of Los Santos, but the residents of the west coast of the USA react much more aggressively to the presence of the three playable heroes. You could understand that with Trevor, he's just crazy. But why even Michael, who has the charisma of a semi-successful bank clerk in his midlife crisis, is beaten up by people just because he's waiting for the metro nearby, for example, is a mystery. Grand Theft Auto IV solved this detail more realistically ten years ago. The people in Liberty City simply don't care about Niko.

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