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Corporate Social Media - 10 Great Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

Date:, Author: Your CCDM team

Social media has long since become not only part of our everyday life, but also an attractive opportunity for companies in a wide variety of industries to do online marketing and to address potential customers. In this blog post we will show you why the use of social media brings significant advantages in companies and which goals you can achieve with social media.


What is social media?

Social media has been on everyone's lips for years, but what exactly does this term mean?

The term social media refers to all digital media that enable users to consume content, but at the same time also create it themselves, network and exchange information with one another. This includes not only social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also forums, blogs, wikis and rating platforms as well as photo and video portals.


What advantages does social media offer your company?

With the help of social media, you can pursue a variety of goals in the context of online marketing. The prerequisites for this are a well thought-out and long-term strategy as well as the implementation of defined relevant measures. The advantages of using social media in companies include the following:


1. Generate awareness - Increase your awareness

In marketing terms, “awareness” is a term that is often used. An “awareness set” means all offers on a topic that are in the awareness of the potential customer. You generate this awareness with your potential clients and buyers through social media. To put it simply: You will become aware of the user and stay there for the long term if you regularly publish relevant content on social media. This is how you successfully increase the level of awareness of your company.

2. Increase reach - reach as many users as possible

With the right strategy and relevant content, you can steadily increase your reach. Around 46 million people in Germany now use social media (as of 2018). This has enormous potential to reach users and your potential target group via social media. If users like one of your posts, their Facebook friends will also notice this. With every interaction of a user, the reach of your content increases automatically. Another advantage: In contrast to classic print advertising, the reach that you generate via social media can be precisely measured. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the success of your social media activities in terms of reach in detail and to continuously optimize them.

3. Publish Content - Show what you stand for

Publish posts on social media that add value and are relevant to your target audience. Show with this content what you stand for as a company. With so-called storytelling, in which you tell your company history and vision, for example, you arouse emotions in your users and create a bond that in turn increases loyalty to your company.

4. Community Management - Communicate with your users

With the help of community management you stay in contact with your potential target group - your community. You can answer questions, exchange ideas with your potential target group and thus gain relevant insights for your company. The big advantage is that users feel valued when they react quickly and comment on your posts with pleasure. This interaction in turn leads to increased engagement and - as already mentioned - also to increased reach.


5. Customer loyalty - Strengthen relationships with your customers

But you not only reach new people, you also retain existing customers in the long term via social media. As already described above, you increase the loyalty of people who are already customers of yours through transparency, individual care and regular support. With good community management, your customers feel valued, are happier, and are more likely to stay loyal to your company.


6. Reputation Management - Improve your image

Social media gives you the opportunity to build or improve your brand image. If there is a crisis, don't be afraid to react quickly and professionally to criticism on social media. Taking a stand shows courage and sovereignty. You cannot influence the fact that your company is a topic on the Internet and that it is evaluated. Via social media, however, you have the chance to moderate the discourse about your company instead of just watching.

7. Monitoring - Stay up to date

The term “monitoring” in the field of social media describes the targeted observation and analysis of mentions of companies, products and news on social media. Observe the current state of the industry and see, among other things, what your competition is doing. This will help you stay on top of the latest knowledge, draw inspiration from competitors, but also help you see what it is better to avoid. Learn from the successes and failures of the competitors in your industry!

8. Referral Marketing - Use multipliers

Social media also gives you the opportunity to use multipliers for your company. So-called testimonials and influencers have a lot of their own fans and followers on their social media channels. Use this immense reach by entering into cooperations in which the multipliers draw the attention of their followers to your company and recommend you. But you can also draw journalists' attention to yourself via social media and prepare content for them in such a way that they enjoy reporting on you.

9. Place advertisements - address your target group precisely

Most social media channels offer the option to place advertisements. Through targeted targeting according to characteristics of the target group, such as gender, age, hobbies, place of residence etc., you control who exactly gets to see your ads and how you address the individual target groups. The big advantage is the accuracy and the low wastage of your advertising on social media.


10. Human Resources - Find new employees

Not only can potential customers be found via social media, but new employees can also be acquired. Company networks such as XING and LinkedIn are particularly suitable for recruiting and employer branding. Publish job advertisements with a precise requirement profile, actively search the networks for new employees who meet these requirements and use employer branding to show the advantages of working in your company.

Social media as an all-rounder

As you can see, the use of social media in the field of online marketing in companies is worthwhile in many ways. The prerequisite for being able to fully enjoy the advantages described is that you think carefully about your appearance on social media and continuously implement the right measures. As specialists, we are happy to advise and support you in all areas of social media marketing in your company. Please contact us for this purpose or if you have any further questions!