How do I start a supermarket franchise

Open Lidl supermarket as a franchise! The path to a successful career (2021)

Can you open Lidl as a franchise?

Even if it is often suspected, Lidl is just like that Rewe, not a supermarket franchise! There are also no independent entrepreneurs at Lidl, as you might with the Edeka cooperative, as well as Rewe know. The other branches of the group, such as Kaufland supermarket, are also not possible as franchises. A Lidl branch is to be opened only possible as an employed branch manager at Lidl. The branch manager differs only in that he is an employee of the Lidl Group, but can also use similar advantages of a franchisee.


As an alternative, run a Lidl store as an employed branch manager

As one of the largest discounters in the world with approx. 83,000 employees, there is the possibility of being employed as a branch manager in one of the approx. 10800 branches in over 30 countries. Because all Lidl markets are from employed branch managers that run flexible shifts on the basis of a 5-day week. If you can imagine starting a career in retail at Lidl and want to run your own Lidl store, you will find this article the most important information and requirements.

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The advantage of an employed branch manager is obvious to you:

In addition to the mandatory neutral company car with private use you also manage “your” colleagues and develop “your” retail business further. You don't need to bring in any investments no equity and can therefore start a career without risk - and still have the feeling that you are responsible for the branch yourself, since everything is in your hands! And you do not need a loan to finance the opening of a Lidl supermarket.


What is the job of a Lidl branch manager?

Employed executives and store managers need usually no equity. Because they take over an existing Lidl store without a franchise and are responsible for the expansion and further development of the Lidl store. Even if you are “only” the branch manager and not the owner of the store, the tasks still lie in a very responsible area. In summary, the activities of the branch manager at Lidl include the following areas of responsibility:

  • Ensuring the profitability of the branch
    The strategy and further development of the next days and weeks will be created from the key figures of the branch of the evening.
  • Development and management of "your" employees
    The branch's economic growth rises or falls with optimally trained employees.
  • Personnel planning
    Public holidays and vacations must constantly flow into ongoing personnel planning.
  • Purchase of goods and availability of goods
    The purchase of goods and the associated later availability are planned with the existing key figures.
  • Optimizing processes
    The extensive processes of a Lidl branch have to be adapted again and again to the special circumstances of the branch.
  • Responsibility for the branch
    The branch manager is responsible for his Lidl store vis-à-vis the supra-regional management.


What minimum requirements does Lidl expect from its branch managers?

In addition to a Completed commercial or industrial training as Experience in grocery retail A fundamentally desired trait is enthusiasm for the trade and experience in the trade Leadership. Team spirit, a sense of responsibility and decisiveness and a friendly demeanor are expected as further qualities in order to lead, inspire and motivate employees.

In addition, flexibility in terms of working hours is part of the profile of a Lidl branch manager. Not being home on time every evening is something that you have to get used to, especially at the beginning. Anyone who also has the necessary sense of responsibility and is aware of the tasks of the position as head of Lidl can look forward to an exciting future!


What makes Lidl interesting for a manager or entrepreneur even without a franchise?

It is the one Lidl & Schwarz Group is not just about grocery stores. There is also the possibility of running a department store, a hardware store or car rental company or boutiques, which are also part of the group of companies.

Tip: If you are a supermarket Open a franchise want, but you don't have the necessary equity, then start-up loans are good ways to get money cheaply. For example, KfW Bank offers special loans for young start-ups and founders! We have more information on the topic of start-up loans in this guide for young entrepreneur loans summarized. You can find everything else you need to know about setting up a franchise here.


Is it also possible to run a Lidl supermarket as a branch manager abroad?

During our research we noticed that users are also looking for Lidl Franchise France, Lidl Franchise Maroc, Lidl Franchise Nederland, Lidl Malta or Lidl en Afrique. However, every country with Lidl branches has its own website and a different offer than the German site. If you are looking for a job abroad, Check in your desired country whether there is Lidl there and which vacancies are vacant.


Other possibilities to open a franchise, a restaurant or the like

A franchise company means that you pay monthly license fees to the franchisor, you have to bring equity and you also have to pay an entry fee. Are you aware of these factors is a own franchise company a very good way of starting your own business.

The advantage of a franchise company: You invest in a company that is already known on the market. Especially if self-employment is an important factor in your career, the franchise gives you the advantage of getting customers from day one who already know the company from other locations. The centrally switched advertising also ensures new customers and you enjoy the advantage that the franchisor takes care of new creations that you can later offer for sale in your branch.

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FAQ: You have questions - we have the answers


The annual salary for branch managers at Lidl is around EUR 51,000. Lidl itself specifies the range from EUR 3,560 to EUR 4,510 on its website. The neutral company car can also be used privately.

Yes. Special advertisements are only offered for applicants with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Due to the professional development offered, however, it is possible to close these gaps after successful completion or participation.

6 weeks vacation, i.e. 30 working days a year. In addition, special leave is available for the birth of a child or marriage

After five years of service, a three-month sabbatical (longer leave in addition to the annual vacation) is possible in addition to the usual 30 days of annual leave.


Lidl as a franchise not possible - branch already take over
  • If you want to open your own Lidl, this is possible only as an employee or as a branch manager. You will then not be self-employed, but you will enjoy the risk-free work variant with good pay from day one.
  • If independence is more important to you, we recommend individual franchisors take a closer look, compare conditions and also visit local branches in order to get an impression of what may be in store for you.