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In the lower age groups, the players want one thing above all: try out a lot with the ball on their feet. This offers the ideal basis to start schooling 1-on-1 situations very early on. It is important to give the players a lot of freedom in the exercises and not to dictate all movements and fints. This guides the players towards personal responsibility and creative action. At the same time, you always have to pay attention to a high proportion of play in the, so that the motivation tends to the maximum. If the 1-on-1 is practiced, it is particularly important that the players then have the opportunity to try out and apply what they have learned during the competition.

We were guests of the U7 of VfB Admira Wacker Mödling. Even if the young footballers of the Austrian first division are still in the Bambini age, they still provide an ideal unit for training the F-Juniors.

In the video, trainer Roman Wolf explains the selection of his exercises and highlights their advantages. The complete unit with descriptions and illustrations have also been prepared and published online in the current issue of DFB Training.

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