What are the best WordPress hosting providers

WordPress hosting: how to find the best hoster

What is WordPress hosting?

Basically, no website can exist without web hosting. Because the term describes the provision of storage space on the Internet and the storage of Internet pages on the provider's server. The same goes for WordPress too. WordPress hosting means hosting offers that specialize in WordPress websites. So-called managed WordPress hosting is often offered here. This means that the provider also takes over the technical maintenance of the WordPress website. Thus, both the security and the speed of the site can be optimized. In addition, WordPress hosting offers the advantage that you can contact the WordPress hoster if you have any problems and they will have specialized support ready.
So that your WordPress website runs optimally and the performance, security and accessibility of your site is guaranteed, a suitable WordPress hoster is basically indispensable.

WordPress Hosting: Webspace, Domain & Co.

Gründer.de has been running successfully with WordPress for years and offers a wide range of design options. While WordPress comes along as a minimalist blog in the basic version, it can be expanded with numerous, often free, plugins and adapted to individual needs. With ready-made themes, you can finally give your WordPress site the appropriate, appealing layout. If you have already worked out your corporate design, it is also possible to commission a web designer to create a personal theme. Contemporary WordPress themes are also designed to look good on smartphone screens. This is very important now that more and more people are surfing the mobile internet.

Difference between WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

If you search for the term “WordPress” on the Internet, you will find that there are two sites about the same company: WordPress.com and WordPress.org


At WordPress.org you can download a free, open source version of the WordPress software. However, you also need a hosting package and a domain so that you can install and use WordPress on your web space. This means that this self-hosted variant is a bit more complicated to set up than the one from WordPress.com.

The advantage of the WordPress.org variant is that you can install any theme in addition to the plugins and thus change the look of your website individually. On the other hand, with this variant you are also responsible for the security of your website. This means that you have to set up regular backups and install security plugins.


At WordPress.com you can set up a WordPress site that is also hosted directly there. This is also the main difference to the WordPress.org site: The website is hosted for you, so you don't have to take care of the web space and the domain yourself. Every user who registers at WordPress.com is automatically given a subdomain for their website and 3 GB of web space to upload photos, videos and audio files.

The disadvantage here is that you can't install any plugins. There are some standard features, such as image galleries and widgets, that you can use, but you cannot use custom plugins. The choice of themes is also limited at WordPress.com.

In most cases, it is advisable to choose the WordPress.org variant for self-installation and host it under your own domain elsewhere. If you take a look at the WordPress offer, it immediately becomes clear why: What doesn't cost anything is also nothing - or at least something for ambitious newbies who want to test the medium. After all, in the low-budget version, users do not have all the options for adapting the design. And if you want to advertise on your blog or use Google Analytics, the WordPress business offer for € 24.92 per month is the only option. Of course, there is still the option of using other hosters.

8 possible WordPress hosting providers

Since WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly content management systems, an entire digital industry has actually grown up around the application. This is also reflected in the number of hosting services that can be used for your site. At this point we would like to introduce you to eight providers of WordPress hosting and their cheapest offers - a lot of them from Germany.


The American company states on its website that it has been working with WordPress for more than ten years. It acts as a sort of official WordPress host. For $ 3.58 there is currently 50 GB of space for a website, one domain plus 25 subdomains. There is no bandwidth limit and the backup function provided by Bluehost. In addition, the functions can be upgraded without any problems.


The hosting service provider DreamHost has been on the market since 1997 and offers different packages for WordPress sites. The cheapest is the "Shared Hosting" package for currently $ 3.95 per month. There is no bandwidth limit here either. There is also unlimited storage space. An SSL / TSL certificate is included in the price. A new domain is free for the first year.


A WordPress hosting provider from Germany is 1 & 1. They offer several hosting packages. The cheapest, the starter package, costs 2 euros per month in the first year and 4 euros from the 13th month. There is 25 GB of web space for a domain or a WordPress site. SSL certificate and Managed WordPress (more on this below) are included.


The web hosting service from Denmark, founded in 2002, is currently attracting customers with a free starter offer for the first year. From the second year this costs 1.79 €. There is 15 GB at One.com, an SSL certificate as well as a domain and a database. The offer is a little spartan, but the next price levels with more storage space and other services are quite affordable with currently 2.64 euros, 3.65 euros and 6.24 euros per month.


The WordPress hosting provider from Germany, All-inkl.com, offers three domains plus 150 subdomains and 50 GB of storage space on its server for € 4.95 per month. The first three months are free. The SSL certificate is already available in the "private" package, as the cheapest of the four web hosting packages is called. An analysis tool and customer support within certain times are also included in the cheapest version.


The Telekom subsidiary Strato is also a WordPress hosting provider from Germany. Strato is currently also offering customers reduced entry prices for the first 12 months and two offers tailored to WordPress sites, WP Starter and WP Plus. These are free for the first month and then for 4 and 10 euros each. The setup costs 10 euros once. The starter package includes three domains, 200 subdomains, 25 GB of web space, the SSL certificate, a monitoring tool and automatic backups.

Host Europe

The hosting service Host Europe also has special offers for customers who want to host their WordPress site with them. The setup fee of 14.99 euros does not apply to all three with a minimum contract period of 12 months. The entry-level package is available for 4.99 euros per month. The package, which is more suitable for more ambitious WordPress sites, costs 9.99 euros per month. The basic offer includes 25 GB of web space and 100 MB for the database. A caching function is already included here to make the page faster.


The WordPress hosting company RAIDBOXES from Germany offers customers from 9 euros a month a place to host their WordPress site. All three tariffs include SSL and faster SSD hard drive space as well as automatic caching for faster loading times. Customers who opt for the mini tariff get 2 GB of storage space, in the other two price ranges there is 5 GB exclusively on their own server. RAIDBOXES does not charge moving fees and set-up costs. The hosting service focuses on speed and user-friendliness.

1-Click Installation - Is Easier Always Better?

All of the options presented offer customer support in varying degrees. At higher price levels, it is also not uncommon to be available 24/7 for your customers. Most providers have upgraded to SSD even in the cheapest offer, which improves performance in terms of speed. Host Europe and Strato offer a simplified WordPress installation, as do Bluehost, DreamHost, 1 & 1, One.com, RAIDBOXES and All-inkl.com. The latter is always referred to as a "1-click installation".

The advantage of the 1-click installation is quite obvious: You don't have to read in WordPress that far and, depending on the provider, different things are done for you. If updates are included, however, he may take his time with them, which can be annoying in terms of one or the other plug-in and security. There are also predetermined breaking points with the write permissions for some directories and files. Those who do not have a certain overview and a certain amount of control from the start will have to deal with the matter longer than they might have liked.

The question also arises as to whether it is necessary to simplify the installation of an application that advertises itself with the possibility of a 5-minute installation. As is the case with advertising promises, the commissioning of course takes a little longer than that. However, the range of tutorials is so large and the community so helpful that you don't need to be afraid of contact. The advantage of the low access threshold of WordPress is that you keep learning while working with it.

Managed WordPress Hosting - Assisted living for your site

Many providers have now discovered simplified WordPress as a niche and offer managed WordPress hosting. Depending on the scope of services, the hosting service takes on updates, speed optimization, security precautions, backups and comprehensive support. This is convenient, in addition to support, you also get the corresponding services via plugins - and often free of charge. While 1 & 1 already manages its cheapest WordPress hosting offer, other service providers charge a corresponding surcharge. Managed WordPress hosting costs at least $ 19.99 a month at Bluehost and $ 16.95 a month at DreamHost. RAIDBOXES offers it for 30 euros a month. This means that Managed WordPress Hosting is indeed affordable, but only partially bootstrapping-compatible.

The question of hosting is also a question of cost

The cheapest offers are superior to the 3 GB, which WordPress offers between 0 and 2.99 euros, in terms of storage space. However, many of them are still a little too easy if you want to use them to design your business’s website. Whether you choose one of the hosting providers presented in this post depends on what you need. Do you value support in your language? Do you want to advertise the "server location Germany" on your WordPress hosting? How many domains do you need? Do you bring your own domain with you? Is an e-mail service that is satisfactory for you supplied with the web space? How fast is the server, how much security does it offer and how many databases do you need?

Be careful with setup and relocation fees. In the case of discounted offers and minimum terms, the medium and long-term costs must be taken into account and your own domain can also provide additional costs.


WordPress is a very helpful tool. But hosting your own WordPress website with WordPress yourself is not always the optimal solution. Now you know eight of the larger hosting services that could be worthwhile for your WordPress site and you now have a good overview of your hosting options.

You can see that there is more than just web language for WordPress blogs. Providers have now specialized in the operators of WordPress sites and offer them benefits and features such as security protocols or faster hard drives. The trend is towards providing all-round customer support and relieving them of as much work as possible. While the 1-click WordPress installation makes it easier to get started, even if it does not completely relieve you of dealing with the topic, managed WordPress hosting is too expensive for most service providers to start with. Finally, speed and security can also be optimized with plugins and by regularly updating your WordPress version.