What are the unsolved secrets of Hitler

Secrets of World War II

This amazing collection of true stories reveals lost, hidden or completely unknown secrets of the Third Reich.
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Secrets of World War II

Secrets of World War II

Mussolini's daring and fateful rescue operation; the assassination attempt on a legendary Nazi; the surprising outcome of a brazen kidnapping.

The recent discovery of Hitler's medical record reveals - besides mental health problems and medical quackery - illnesses that he urgently wanted to hide.

Learn the true story of the submarine U-513 and join us in search of the secrets that lie with it on the seabed.

The myth of the Alpine fortress gave the Allies cause for concern during the Second World War that the Nazis had created an underground labyrinth of entrenchments.

The secret of Rudolf Hess' flight to peace and his capture sparked conspiracy theories and debates for generations.