How unknown actors become Hollywood stars

Not all millionaires: Hollywood stars deserve it

Mega stars like Leonardo DiCaprio make millions for a single film, but many other actors cannot boast of such high salaries by far. A lot of Hollywood actors really deserve that. | (wue / spot) Don't rememberMark0 Comments Recommend article
Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars

Hollywood - Hollywood is tough, at least when it comes to actors' salaries. Many a superstar earns millions for just one flick, but the majority of actors can only dream of it. Many mimes have struggled with ever lower salaries in recent years, as reported by the industry magazine "The Hollywood Reporter".

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"If you [are a big star] then you get paid well, but there is no middle level anymore," says an unspecified top agent for actors. So did Leonardo DiCaprio with "The Wolf of Wall Street" Earned $ 25 million, while Jonah Hill - who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the same film - had to be satisfied with a good $ 60,000. Most unknown actors make less than $ 1,000 a year, according to a statistic from the Screen Actors Guild.

Interestingly enough, the post of serial actor, which was not particularly highly regarded in the industry just a few years ago, now appears to be far more rewarding for many actors than a career in film. Not only that stars like Halle Berry (48, "Catwoman") now also play in series like "Extant", they also get an average fee of 150,000 dollars per episode, as it is said. Unknown mimes, however, would get around $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. The actors from "The Big Bang Theory" got it even better: Jim Parsons (41, Dr. Sheldon Cooper), Johnny Galecki (39, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter) and Kaley Cuoco (28, Penny) have received each other since the latest season a million dollars per episode, as known in August has been.

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