Retail jobs are really dead end

Training in retail, no longer interested in retail. Which possibilities?

Have a nice 2nd Advent and Nicholas.
I am currently in my third year of trainee as a retail saleswoman. But I already know that I don't want to do this job all my life. This profession is ungrateful. You work all day for ungrateful customers. You have to work on the weekend when friends meet. Even more at Christmas time, when you actually want to spend time with the family. In addition, I won't even get a full-time job after my training if I should stay there. Hello? I don't do any training so that I can then work part-time and get even less than I did during my training. In December you can't even leave for Christmas and New Year's Eve because you are closed on vacation and therefore have to work. This is the time to be with my family, especially at the end of the year.
My school grades are top. I am a student ..
Before that, I graduated from high school, but despite my good grades, I couldn't find another apprenticeship position, so I took what I could get. Biggest mistake.
I would rather have regular working hours. I also realized that I don't want to have great customer contact, you get to know the worst people in retail. You're pretty annoyed by customers.
I would love to go to the office or something like that. Before starting my apprenticeship, I mainly applied to be an industrial clerk, which unfortunately didn't work out due to constant rejection.
The problem is simply that I don't want to do any further training. I have an apartment of my own with my boyfriend, and I would slowly like to earn more so that we have more money available. In addition, I am at the age at which one would slowly like to have children.
It's all stupid. What are the options? How long does retraining take and how would it all work?