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Armed men raid Indian university, students protest

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New Delhi - After an attack on students and faculty at a university in the Indian city of New Delhi, injuring dozens of people, protests have erupted across the country. On Monday, a vigil took place in the capital Mumbai with more than a thousand participants, as well as demonstrations in several cities, including Bangalore and Calcutta. Rescue workers patrolled the university, whose windows, doors and furnishings had been badly damaged.

At least 28 students and lecturers were injured on Sunday by masked attackers at Jawaharlal Nehru University with batons, sledgehammers and iron bars, according to a student organization. According to the information, doctors and nurses who had rushed to help the injured people from a nearby hospital were also attacked.

Police let the attackers do theirs

Some students blamed right-wing activists for the violent attack. They also accused the police of doing nothing to contain the violence. The professor Amit Thorat states that it took an hour after his call for the emergency services to reach the university. The police, in turn, blamed "rival student groups".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist BJP party denied opposition allegations of being behind the incident and accused leftist student groups. The government announced an investigation.

Protest against citizenship law

The incident occurred amid protests against a new citizenship law, which critics say discriminates against Muslims. There have been repeated rallies since the House of Lords passed the law in December. At least 25 people died and hundreds more were injured in clashes with the police.

The new law grants members of religious minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who came to the country before 2015 without valid papers, simplifications for naturalization. However, Muslims are excluded from this. Critics accuse the Modis BJP of discriminating against the 200 million Muslims in the country.

The leading Indian trade unions called for a general strike on Wednesday to protest against the government's "anti-people" policies. More than 60 student associations supported the strike. (red, APA, AFP, 6.1.2020)