When did Paul McCartney stop smoking cigarettes?

On his 75th birthday: 21 facts about Paul McCartney - A stripper deflowered him

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Yesterday! At 34 he feels “old as stone”, he hates round birthdays, but today there is no escape: The world is singing “Happy Birthday”: Paul McCartney is 75 years old. By the way! Did you know Paul ...

► Always smoked other people's cigarettes instead of buying them

► appeared as a juror in beauty contests

bought his father a horse for his 62nd birthday

► the hair on the legs could be combed

► had the first sex with a stripper from Hamburg

"Yesterday" wrote in the backseat of a car

had her face lifted before the wedding to Heather Mills

► drives a hybrid car and as a vegan never gets into cars with leather seats

put his children in drawers to sleep on the “Wings” tour bus

► Comedian Graucho Marx's bed in the vegetable garden

► did not go to his father Jim's memorial service

► carries the ashes of his late wife Linda in a medallion

gave up smoking pot only after the birth of his daughter Beatrice in 2012

► wrote every Beatles song in an exercise book that he still has

► got the tip from the father for sexual education to "watch the dogs"

► composed the James Bond song “Live and Let Die” in one afternoon

1960 spent one night in detention for setting fire to a condom

► Completed yoga and strength training daily, crowned by a handstand

composed a nursery rhyme with Keith Richards while on vacation

► gave up smoking cigarettes at the age of 40 and began to paint

Said to a friend of Lennon: "John died a legend, I will die an old man."

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