How do obese people have sex

Health: Problems with sex due to being overweight

Often male patients do not know that their sexual problems are related to obesity, says Michael Zitzmann from the University of M√ľnster in Berlin. "The testicles work worse when you are overweight." The abdominal girth, which contains the fat that is harmful to the body and which contributes to lowering testosterone levels, plays an important role in this. The lack of the male hormone could also lead to depression. This Saturday (May 21st) the 2nd European Day against Obesity will take place. Obese is someone who is pathologically overweight.

Testosterone for health

In addition to holistic therapy through diet, exercise and behavior, Zitzmann recommends giving patients testosterone, as a deficiency in the hormone also has negative effects on other organs such as the liver. Compensating for the hormone deficit also promotes fat loss and muscle building.

In principle, the issue of obesity is not taken as seriously by men as it is by women, said the endocrinologist. This is also due to the fact that women are much more confronted with certain ideals of beauty through advertising than men. For men, for example, the big belly is still a status symbol, says Zitzmann. With that one is considered "as a whole guy".

Obesity - a people's problem

According to the German Obesity Foundation, 66 percent of men and 51 percent of women in Germany are overweight or even obese. The most well-known secondary diseases include cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes and psychological problems. But also cancer and the so-called sleep apnea syndrome - in which the brain is supplied with too little oxygen at night due to respiratory failure - are also included.

The diabetologist Stephan Jacob is skeptical about future developments: The tendency towards overweight in society is not decreasing. "In the future we will have a huge army of middle-aged people who are supposed to wear the age pyramid but are sick themselves."

No illness, no cash grants

In Germany, overweight mainly affects poorly educated and economically disadvantaged families, says Jacob. But obesity is not considered a disease. Therefore, the costs of treating the cause are not covered by the health insurance funds and are a problem especially for socially disadvantaged families, explains the second chairman of the Obesity Foundation Germany. Another challenge is educating this group of patients. The ideas of a healthy diet are often distorted. (dpa)

Obesity Foundation Germany

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