What is 9 9 9 9 20

In the US, around 60 percent of all online purchases are made between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you, too, deal with non-office matters during working hours or are looking for a few minutes to distract colleagues, canteen and e-mails, we have a suggestion: Use the time and train your brain - with the weekly puzzle SZ.de. Can you find the solution?

The puzzle of the week

Mathematically, this calculation makes little sense at first. But maybe you can still explain to us under what circumstances 4 is half of 9.

The solution

Dear reader, of course, this puzzle can also be answered with curves and Excel commands. But we won't let them get away that easily. Simply rewrite the given values ​​in Roman numerals. If you now cut this horizontally in two parts, you have the solution:

But of course, besides this, we also got some creative approaches. Franz S., for example, sent in a whole battery of possible solutions:

  • "The BER solution: You keep building until the desired result is achieved.
  • The Merkel hypothesis: Just wait until the desired result is confirmed.
  • The VW variant: Pointing to someone else would then already have a plausible explanation.
  • The North Korea solution: Anyone who doubts the result comes to the camp.
  • From the Files of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution: There are 9 suspects and 2 versions of the story. Fourth to nothing.
  • Donald Trump tweeted: These are alternative results.
  • The Hobbyist solution: Cut out the number 9 from paper, then cut it into pieces, put half of it aside and puzzle the number 4 from the remaining pieces. "

And there is also a solution variant in the professional context, at least Sergej P thinks:

"The 4 is then half of 9, if we assume a working day. With a nine-hour working day, we assume an hour lunch break, so we have 8 hours of work, of which 4 is half."

We wish you a nice rest of the week and look forward to the next puzzle!