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If you are in Hawaii, you will mainly encounter the English language, but with some knowledge of Hawaiian you can really score very well with the Hawaiians. If you can help me that would be great. Hi Peter! Michi. moʻopuna grandchildren (in general) The importance of rain and wind is reflected directly in the language: In Hawaiian there is approx. Lele http://hawaiian-words.com/hawaii-place-names. Instead of hauoli, the correct name must be haole; haoli is incorrect American pronunciation. I would like to know whether supernatural, spiritual power, inland, towards the mountains, is used as a path name. same sex hula. Is this referring to the Hauola stone? Hawaii: Aloha spirit with ukulele and hula dance. Thank you, Mahalo, dear Lolapa for your help. hana aloha (H) love spell. -Ao i ka hula, waiho i ka hilahila i ka hale.- If one wants to dance hula, shyness should be left at home. By the way, this tip works in many countries because elementary school teachers usually feel honored when, for once, someone knows how to appreciate their studies instead of just complaining that they ask for 10 more dreary little a's after the 10th small a. "We are a family" should be on the tickets, but I find hardly any good translations and would have chosen "Makou a Ohana". Ohana is also the name of the event, so that would be very appropriate. I would like to know what yes and no mean because I haven't found that yet. Mahalo in advance, yes ʻae, ʻē, ō Hello Janina, five-letter words beginning with a C List of words with five letters beginning with a C. This list contains all German five-letter words beginning with a C. The Language of Hawaii - A Few Words and Phrases. Unfortunately, I only know 2 male first names: I say Mahalo and keep going. Zoo means: Kahua hōʻikeʻike holoholona laka ʻole or kahi hōʻikeʻike holoholona laka ʻole. Dear Janina, dictionary of the German language. Could you tell me what: enjoy every second of your life means? Please note that our German-Hawaiian translator can translate a maximum of 5,000 characters at a time. What does "get it for you bar" ... but here in Germany there are already a few times .. do you have anything else for me that is just as easy from the lips but still has a meaning in this direction? I would have liked to have had your short dictionary before, I only discovered now that google also translates Hawaiian and thus possibly Forvo: the world's largest pronunciation dictionary, now with translations. Adolescent words with N hold up a mirror to everyday life. Pronunciation: IPA: [havaɪ̯ˈaːnɪʃ] Audio samples: Hawaiian rhymes: -aːnɪʃ. seaward, towards the sea, used as a route designation, bird species: black treecreeper (Drepanis pacifica), divine or your side is very inspiring. Was then of course stopped by the Christian missionaries www.traumhawaii.de. hau'oli (H) happy. But it's great that you know your way around. .. Hello Vanessa! kamaliʻi little child Hey. Some time ago I started to have my right chest, right upper arm and right shoulder blade tattooed in the Hawaiian style, because the motifs have something positive about them. First of all a wonderful site n Thanks for all the tips. Every island has its own charm. hauʻoli = happy, carefree Greetings and have fun, local Hawaiians are kanaka maoli. martin. here or come here Lukolopa = Rudolf. I was able to find the following time-specific translations: I really like the Hawaiian style .. & what goes better with a cocktail bar on wheels? -E pū paʻakai kākou! - Let's share a little bit of the salt together. I found the Maui birthstone, but is not in any written form. I am pleased with an answer makua hānai adoptive parents is described. la, lā = day moʻopuna kuakahi great-grandson There are only five vowels, 7 consonants and a dash that changes the meaning of the word when placed above the vowel. Unfortunately, I don't trust the internet! Instead of “Thank you” you say “Mahalo” and you sound a bit like a real islander. By the way, I'm from Nuremberg and I LOVE HAWAII. Keanu Required fields are marked with *. he kahua ho ike ´ike holoholan laka ´ole keia. Native shrub (Touchardia latifolia), the bark of which was used to make fishing nets and as the basis for feather capes. The tourist usually encounters the Hawaiian language in phrases that are scattered like the Polynesian islands in the Pacific in the sea of ​​English languages. touch or nudge you will think I'm pretty crazy - I've heard a simple word that fascinates me - and can open all the doors of the world. I can't speak Hawaiian myself, I only know a few expressions. Send me the text and your email address. Makua = Parent, Parents Can you maybe help me out? Vegetables are laid out, covered and poured over with water to steam the food. kamaliʻi child, descendant As women there are degrees enough. Hello Lolapa! Waikiki. Many Hawaiian words have crept into English colloquial language, which are used as a matter of course by the islanders, while the tourist is completely helpless because they are not listed in any dictionary. can someone please tell me how "at second sight" is translated into Hawaiian ?? = Happy birthday. Did some research and came across "ko mākou lu‘u", is that true? Lots of love, I am very happy that my little dictionary was able to help you. ʻOle and skin = has. Nowadays everyone in Hawaii does it. Cousin of one Do you have a nice Hawaiian word for me that has something to do with birth, breathing, baby, parenting, mom & dad, lightness? I also still know Ian and Keoni. Mahalo nui loa. Martinique. Log In. Treats. I only know these stones as an ensemble of stones with smooth and rough surfaces. Or in the form of Hawaiian songs on the souvenir cassette. Then you should definitely take a look at Hawaiian girl and boy names, because they are absolutely gorgeous and also very easy to pronounce. small, endemic shrub on which round, red or yellow berries grow that are eaten raw or used to make sauces. Greetings from Germany - from ADAM ʻanakala uncle Hopping for joy is the right thing to do. Learn now. If you don't understand this, try 2 words in a row: Kaiku Wahine, where you should pronounce the W like a German and not like an American. I found “kai” and “moana”, but I can't guarantee anything. Hawaiian expressive dance, accompanied by singing, for passing on traditions, conveying family stories of the nobility and special events, for entertainment. Best known to me is Kai. It sounds like what Hawaii looks like and what it feels like to be there. extinct bird species (Moho nobilis), whose yellow wing feathers were used to make feather ornaments. To the best of my knowledge, your first alternative is correct. Hey what do you mean see you soon? Somewhere I actually found a translation for “nice retirement” with “Hau’oli la Ho’omaha loa”. I am currently in the process of preparing a little dialogue in Hawaiian for a training unit, which is extremely difficult with the materials I have available; should it all also fit together. Would there be a possibility, and under certain circumstances, that you could take a look over there? Now I would like to design something for us and I need a few Hawaiian words. thank you very much for your page! Because they appreciate and honor it when you know how to appreciate their language. document.getElementById ("comment"). setAttribute ("id", "a93a3c4ac5bf684823a5ecde99fe5ba9"); document.getElementById ("c2030f1f8e"). setAttribute ("id", "comment"); Aloha, Mahalo, and Hula: My Little Hawaiian Dictionary, Diamond Picasso Triggerfish, Hawaii State Fish (yes, Hawaii has a State Fish). Mahalo. Mahalo thanks and? The article is comparable to the napkins with Italian vocabulary that are always available in the pizzeria. In this article we have summarized 30 beautiful Hawaiian first names and their meanings for you. The bad word of 2015 is. Unfortunately I can't post a photo of Lahaina's birthstone - or can it? - it is in the water and was used by the women to give birth in the sea in harmony with the waves: GREAT !!! The colorful flower chains were soon associated with Hawaii all over the world. The following list contains words that are often used in everyday life, as well as terms that can be used to better understand cultural traditions or to decipher place names and proper names. An example: "kane" means skin disease, but "kāne" means man. the former was correct, forget the rest (kala mai ia'u! The 'okina and kahakō, which are important for correct pronunciation, are almost completely missing. or as a preposition = without, but mākua parents Aloha Janina, we will shortly become ours start second vacation to Hawaii (Kauai, Moloka'i, Maui). hoahānau cousin Let the locals show you how it's done. run Package tours to Hawaii are rarely offered anyway. Hawaii. Sorry for the late reply. Hang loose and stay cool. And one more thing "forever in my heart"? Incidentally, many Hawaiian names are gender neutral. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii in 2012 and we still like to think back to it today. My name is Björn and I am enthusiastic about the language and The pronunciation. Formula for greeting and farewell, at the same time a term for love, friendliness, affection. We will fly over there for 2 months in 2020, again have a full program of familiar things and look at the unknown, discover new things. See also words that contain the letters I, T, T, and Ä. I just recently came across the ALOHA spirit and the Huna philosophy. I am giving a presentation about Hawaii and would like to know which sights there are in Hawaii? Do you say Hawaiian or is there another expression? Can you help me? I found the birthstone in Lahaina on MAUI particularly impressive! kupuna kualua great-great-grandparents Maybe there is something for you here: Words with C at the beginning - find words. These Hawaiian headband and bracelet are combined with elastic cord, and the flowers on the chain are bushy. royal feather headdress made with red and yellow feathers from sea birds. ha'ule (H) start doing something new (death) haumana (H) a student. Take part and learn Hawaiian with me! kahua ho ike ´ike holoholona laka ´ole keia - was meant more as a joke and means ZOO, since 1982 we have come to Hawai’i every 3-5 years, where one thing came to another. Since we got married in Maui, the motive was quickly clear, I was only missing one small detail. wahine wife. Parents generation Greetings! Correction of the system. he aha keia - it can't be, can it? .. Maybe someone can help. E = Speech For the correct Hawaiian pronunciation look / listen I have now seen a picture of it on the net. ho ike ´ike (hōʻikeʻike) = rare duplication of ʻike (see, feel), represent, exhibit, explain clearly on German television running straight to phoenix - local time: 04:45 - a report about Hawaii ... I am fascinated by yours Language. Greetings, kaikunāne brother or male. The youth words with V bring together what should not be “tied up”. Many thanks to you! Translation is quick and saves time. But your site is really good! Platz It doesn't matter whether it's the German or the Hawaiian word. Share post. 1836: The "King’s Band" is founded by King Kamehameha III and it will soon become an integral part of everyday life. A hui hou! The article is intended to introduce a tiny bit of language just for fun. - smooth, non-porous for male children I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Perhaps it will be interesting to know a few words that will undoubtedly enrich your understanding of life in Hawaii. Species of bird (treecreeper, Loxops virens), endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii in 2012 and think back fondly to this day. Translated over 65,000 words from Hawaiian to German in 5+ years. The Hawaiian language is of Polynesian origin and, above all, very melodic because it was passed down for centuries only in the form of songs and poems. we did island hopping in Hawaii, I would have liked to know a little more about the language. My specific question today: What do you mean: where are you going? Best wishes! Generation of parents http://www.huna.org/html/lexika.html just came back from a world trip and was also on Hawai, which I loved before. ️ The flowers were made of soft fabric, you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing them. If you want to know more, there will soon be a blog at http://www.Hooponopono-bayern.de. Hawaii has beautiful beaches, tropical flowers, surfers, volcanoes and an extraordinary Polynesian culture, which also includes the Hawaiian language. The Hawaiian language sounds like it has been kissed by the ocean. I would like to specialize in cocktails but, among other things, take over the complete drinks service for birthdays, weddings, etc. the choice of the name is not exactly easy for me. A homage to hospitality, no matter where in the world - and when people ask me what that means, I will be happy to explain it. Publication noted. Today, Hawaiian is more popular again, and you can study the language at the University of Hawaii. 10/26/2020 - Are you looking for inspiration and Hawaiian proverbs? We have been to Hawaii twice and our absolute favorite island is Oahu. = Welcome! Can answer questions: But I always come across the same thing on the Internet. Can it really be that the Hawaiians have so few male first names? Searching for words with ITT? Do you have any advice for me on how I can best learn the language? kupuna wahine grandmother -Henelele ka moe na ke kanaka.- A dream is a carrier of messages to people. Greetings, Feather headdresses were made from its yellow and green feathers. Hawaiian sounds great and often includes it in my vocabulary. laka = door lock, bolt, lock, lock or fun, joke, prank The pronunciation is very simple for us: Everything is spoken as you read it. -Also carefree days with a lot of rest / relaxation-, Dear Janina, Hana = work. Is there a word for "heal"? Make a large mosaic on the wedding anniversary. E komo mai: I'm a real “California Girl” who loves food #yummy and traveling. We're getting married in Maui and now the wedding rings have to be made, the rings are engraved, now my question is, are there typical short sayings in Hawaiian? Greetings lorena, dear Lorena, Originally it was used in the surfing scene and was also known there under the name "Hang loose". All words pronounced in all languages ​​by native speakers The grammar is very different from ours. To do this you would have to live for a few years among the locals and learn the language in connection with seeing every day. small child) Hau’oli La Hanau. It was on July 14th. A mistake crept in: This includes playing the ukulele and dancing the hula. 1) "The children were given words with louder (e.g. everything I read is only partially correct. Hello everyone. That makes you want to pack your suitcase and go back immediately! Kai = sea, sea water, salt water (opposite wai = fresh water) and also has other meanings like broth, sauce, soup, etc. And my whole life and thinking has changed and I've arrived. Here is a list of words you could search for. But we also thought Kauai was wonderful. The pronunciation is relatively easy and catchy, although some long words take some getting used to. Thanks for your comment. Paw Was on the islands for a total of 27 weeks and learned a lot about the culture. Now I want the word "Ohana" in an infinity symbol on the inside of my upper arm Let it be immortalized in order to honor my parents. keiki child, descendant Google Translate is not always the best means for really nice translations, especially not for empty phrases Etc.Then use our compilation of youth words with V to give you an overview and become a four-layer youth language professional "from the knowledge of the language". Aloha That is the common expression as far as I know. Print out the list, take it to the beach and give it a try - these words might make a local's day easier. Would be a great help to me! turn around Hanau = birth earth oven, in which suckling pig and other dishes are prepared for festivities. Lolapa is the translation of Rolf, or greetings, Janina. There you will find good tips on sentence structure, which is crucial for the meaning…. stand But unfortunately I haven't found an authentic spelling so far, so I hope for your help. Thanks ! - porous for girls, the holiest place is Kūkaniloko at Wahiawā on O‘ahu, mahalo for your knowledgeable comments. Addendum of Japanese origin: beautifully colored carp, Hawaiian duck (Anas wyvilliana), which is native to all islands but is one of the endangered species. most 'right'? Pres. Now try to find a toast or the word cheers in Hawaiian. 90 comments, useful travel companions, travel tips, interesting facts. moʻopuna kualua great-great-grandson kaikuahine sister I am currently looking for a nice name for my HypnoBirthing homepage. Kimo This list can be used to find words for Wordfeud or words for Scrabble that start with the letter C. Many individual terms are used in everyday life (e.g. kane and wahine to denote toilet rooms), and on the small island of Niihau In the northwest of the archipelago live around 200 Hawaiians who only communicate in their native language. Funny how different the feeling is. Find suitable sayings in the category "Hawaiian proverbs" 8 different sayings 52 different saying categories View the collection of sayings on Woxikon now! But unfortunately almost no one can do it anymore. With the help of the hula, the stories and legends of Hawaii have been and are told. komo mai = Come in, where mai is a directional particle and means towards the speaker. 7. earlier: Festhalle; today: annual festival with sports competitions and religious celebrations. Here is a list of words you might be looking for. Meanwhile, the Americans are never as restrictive as in the last millennium and Hawaiian can be taught in elementary schools. Letters from HAWAIIAN. Aloha. What does "sea" mean in Hawaiian? Best wishes! Mahalo -Aia nō i ka mea e mele ana.- Let the singer choose the song. Words beginning with the letter C Below is a list of all words beginning with the letter C. The hula is a traditional dance from Hawaii. There is also a wonderful meaning behind every first name. Have a nice retirement he hoʻomaha loa LG Melanie, Dear Melanie, kamaiki Baby (a rare expression for Hawaiian baby names not only sound beautiful. Wonderful to read and to know the places, written by an Australian, thanks, Trudi! I've broken it down. -Kāmau You could take kī ʻaha- for cheers. Has Iz found people who continue and fight for the preservation of the Hawaiian culture with the same commitment? Hello, I would like to propose a wedding to my partner and wanted to ask if anyone knows how to do it in Hawaiian Oahu can be omitted. Coastal side facing away from the wind (leeward). Hello Michael! This makes them sound very melodic - almost like a song. pēpē baby, toddler Or see you? Hello Janina, I just came across your side because I just did Dear Angie, loa = a lot, long To get a little Hawaiian, ... There are also works about the origins of Hawai'i and cultural As pects. Look up the definition, spelling, synonyms and grammar of 'Hawaiian' in Duden online. Hula = traditional Hawaiian dance. kupuahine grandmother To do this, you turn your wrist back and forth. Photo by Marieke. However, I do not know the meaning of this. Literally: "crooked", often used to indicate the direction of the route, the name of a place on Oahu, joining, weaving, arranging, making a lei, large house in which the hula dance is taught, boathouse, originally used by all foreigners, later then only used for whites (also: “caucasans”). Today the flowers for Leis have long been imported cheaply from other countries (especially from Asia) or grown in the greenhouse ... by igor dommer, Hello, your email address will not be published. Half, also used to denote people who are multiracial, e.g. he = indefinite article of the singular one, one, one, one Find this so great and can go with it in such a way that I have planned an ALOHA party for my birthday. A gesture that is made - a fist is formed with the thumb and little finger spread - and means something like "Hello". La hanau = birthday If you want to go through the words you will find at the end of the page a possibility to scroll back and forth in the Hawaiian dictionary with “next” and “back”. for seafood and fish = iʻa. Janina, I didn't know many words yet and found them interesting. This is how haole differ from kama‘āina. This is a healing stone that was also used for childbirth. tūtū Oma Enter the German text in the window above to start the translation from German to Hawaiian. The apostrophe within a word denotes a crackling sound, through which the successive vowels are pronounced separately. E komo may! Greetings, So sentences that express the farewell. endemic tree that only occurs on Kauai and whose fruits are often incorporated into leis (Pelea anisata), Hawaiian goose species (Branta sandvicensis), Hawaiian state bird. Important words. hoʻomaha = relaxation, tranquility moana = ocean, open sea, high seas but also lake, as an adjective it means oceanic, until now I have only been to Hawaii with my heart, but I owe a lot to the teachings. Unfortunately not, Stacey. Aloha = Hello, good day, good morning, good evening, love, the Hawaiian way of life. "Aloha" is used as an exclusive greeting anyway. Consonants: c, 2 × h, n, s, w: Vowels: 3 × a, 3 × i: Alphagrams: aaachhiiinsw: Other sources: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Duden. How to use "E’olu’olu. Another special feature is that Hawaiian words are peppered with many vowels. For several years I have been intensively involved with the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual Ho'oponopono and was therefore looking for Karjunas in Hawaii in 2015. I wanted to meet Serge Kahili King during our stay in Hawaii to talk to him about Huna and Ho'oponopono, but it wasn't to be: when he was on a seminar on the Big Island, we were on the beautiful island of Kauai and when we were on BigIsland, he was back on Kauai…. May poina ‘oe ia‘ u! B. hapahaole. More ideas about hawaii, hawaiian sayings, proverbs. Lele = jump, hop ... and has many other meanings that are not in this context. Since quarantine time is now and I work in service, I have to stay at home for another month. makuahine mother, aunt or relative from the beginning. Mahalo There is something else, but that is below level (ōkole maluna - butt up). Hawaii is uniquely beautiful, as is the language. Only 13 sweet letters are used in the language. 12 Letter Words, Words With SCH, Words With CH. How is it that you are so knowledgeable about Hawaii, the language and the culture? So I'm looking for an alternative language, unfortunately I don't find certain words so easily and I still don't know a suitable language, because I like Hawaiian a lot, this language probably fits well, although of course I don't know the correct pronunciation. I found kaialoha with the meaning of friend and Kai aloha, who loves the sea but also seafood - can you help me? Hawaiian quotes with German translation. Species of bird (treecreeper, himatione sangui-nea), with a purple body, black wings and black tail feathers, from which feather headdresses were made. http://www.hico-education.de/index.php/privatschulen/usa/hawaii. Hello Rosi, greetings from this beautiful piece of earth. really "bliss, fun, joy, jumping for joy, ecstasy" means kahua =? First of all, thank you very much for this platform for mutual exchange about HAWAII. Greetings, try the word Kaikuahine. Of course I lack the linguistic competence for everything else. You can read more about this in the article on Hawaiian culture and history. They said mahalo ā (nui) loa among themselves. Until we meet again! i would like to learn the hula dance. Tree creepers (Vestiaria coccinea) with scarlet plumage, which was used to make feather headdresses. (Sida fallax), small and large shrubs with yellow, orange, green, or deep red flowers that are used to make leis. The words are spoken as they are written. Kauai. The World's Most Popular Way to Learn Hawaiian Online.
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