How many beers are in a pint

British Pubs: New Unit of Measure for Beer Glasses?

With a new unit of measure, the Beer and Pub Association wants to give women in particular an alternative to the pint, a little more than half a liter.

A pint of beer is as sacred to the British as a cup of tea. But now they are facing a mini-revolution: A new size of beer glass could be introduced in pubs next year - the two-thirds pint, the equivalent of around 380 milliliters. According to the proposals of the National Weight and Measurement Authority, pub owners should be given more flexibility and customers more choice. Restaurateurs had demanded a new level for beers with a higher alcohol content.

There is already half a pint and even a third of a pint of beer, but that is too small for many customers. According to the Beer and Pub Association, women in particular should be given an alternative to the large pint, which is a little more than half a liter. "The new measure is designed to give women a choice who are half a pint too small and a whole pint too big," said association boss Rob Hayward of the Times newspaper on Friday.

Critics called the measure superfluous. "The government would do better to do something about badly drafted beers," said a campaign spokesman for the real ale beer. The new unit of measurement is to be decided in January.