How to choose a sleeping bag

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Everything you need to know about sleeping bags

Camping and outdoor activities are among the most popular ways German families go on vacation these days. It is important not only to pay attention to a good tent and appropriate shoes. As practical all-round utensils, sleeping bags are part of the basic equipment. A suitable model is a prerequisite for vacationers to be able to enjoy the breath of adventure and freedom in the great outdoors. In addition to their warming function, sleeping bags have a number of attributes that enable you to choose the right product. In order to find the ideal sleeping bag for men, women or children, a few selection criteria should therefore be observed.

What are the important features of a sleeping bag?

In the outdoor area, you always have to be able to rely on your sleeping bag - everywhere, in every situation. It is therefore important to know the outside temperatures at the holiday location so that the sleeping bag model you choose offers sufficient warmth. In addition to the aspects of price and appearance, the function and the material are still important features. It should also be noted that different types can be distinguished: In addition to a 3-season sleeping bag, which covers a wide temperature range, there are also extra airy summer sleeping bags. You can also choose between classic mummy sleeping bags, lighter weight hut sleeping bags and down or blanket sleeping bags. There are also special models for children. Last but not least, different types of cuts can also be distinguished: There are generally three cuts. On the one hand, the tried and tested mummy sleeping bag is available. On the other hand, users can fall back on egg-shaped or blanket sleeping bags.

How a sleeping bag works

So that the selected sleeping bag type keeps the sleeper warm in the outdoor area, it uses various functions. Basically, sleeping bags keep you warm by creating a non-circulating layer of air around your body. The body heats this air. The sleeping bag forms a barricade between the warming air and the icy cold outside. The less space there is, the faster you will be warmed up, which is why closer-fitting models are recommended.

To prevent the loss of heat, the most common sleeping bag models basically work in four different ways. They prevent heat loss by preventing either air currents, radiant heat or evaporation or contact-related loss. It is also crucial that the lining in connection with the external cover forms an optimal composition so that perfect use is guaranteed. The feed must have two essential functions: On the one hand, it must absorb the body fluid. On the other hand, it must be able to release it to the outside so that a comfortable sleeping environment can be guaranteed

Which is why choosing the right sleeping bag is of the utmost importance

Sleeping bags, shoes and any other outdoor equipment - if you are not well equipped, you not only experience an unpleasant tour, but can also endanger your health. With the wrong sleeping bag model, the night not only quickly becomes torture. With the wrong temperature regulation, you can quickly freeze or even get hypothermic. So that you can enjoy your overnight stay as comfortably and warmly as possible, you should therefore choose a sleeping bag variant suitable for the undertaking. There are now numerous sleeping bag options available. The selection is large, but don't worry, there is a suitable product for almost every need. Whether it's a sleeping bag in the shape of a mummy or an egg with a down or synthetic fiber filling - so that you feel comfortable, a few essential criteria should be taken into account when buying. Only when you have found the right model will you be able to sleep comfortably and fully enjoy your vacation.

Conclusion: Which criteria should be used when buying a sleeping bag?

Basically, there are three quality criteria relevant to decision-making when buying a sleeping bag: the temperature information, the weight as well as the spaciousness and the filling and the associated type of heat regulation. The temperature specifications of the product are probably one of the most important criteria that must be observed. These are provided by the manufacturer, whereby a lot of temperature information can already be derived from the name of the sleeping bag, such as a summer sleeping bag. The weight in combination with the spaciousness plays an important role, especially for backpackers or on longer hiking routes. The less weight, the more comfortable the tour. It is therefore important to make sure that the weight is as low as possible. Both sleeping comfort and safety should not be impaired to any great extent. With regard to the filling and thermal insulation, a distinction can essentially be made between normal or water-repellent down and synthetic synthetic fibers. With a down filling you get a very light and easily compressible sleeping bag, which speaks for a good manageability. The material is also very durable and breathable. Only the price of down is significantly higher than that of synthetic fibers - but the purchase pays for itself quickly due to the quality of the filling material. The water-resistant down is technologically processed down that can keep moisture out. If, on the other hand, you choose synthetic fibers, you are ideally equipped for spending the night in damp areas. However, they are slightly heavier and less easy to compress.