How powerful was EMS Madara

What is the strength of Madara's Susanoo?

Madara's stormy god of courageous strength is comparable to that of Bijuu, as he has a very powerful chakra performance.

A single sweep of Madara's Susanoo can level or change the continent.

If his Susanoo can level mountains with a single blow of his blade, what would happen if Madara put maximum strength into his Susanoo?

What if his (Madara) Susanoo got full or full ?! Think about it ... well, "like a bijuu" is too much, but ... WARMING * !! 💪😶😶

Madara's Susanoo is destruction incarnated. Indra otsutsuki had passed on a very powerful ability to his descendants to those who had attained Mangekyo Sharingan and attained EMS. The susanoo is a skill that is based on both the user's chakra control and emotions and is a very powerful technique. Sasuke's Susanoo is also another incarnation of an extremely disastrous calamity. Any MS and EMS user who attacks and manifests Susanoo is downright powerful. Madara's Susanoo is as strong as his chakra reserve and is also driven by his emotions. Combat experience - that makes his Susanoo stronger than Sasuke's in terms of combat exp ... Madara's Susanoo Power Level Points> Power-9, Def-10, Durability-9, Chakra Usage Medium, Destructive Ability Extreme **

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