Do fake passports really work?

Fake vaccination passports: Experts advise caution with photos of vaccination records

Data protection activists are concerned about photos of vaccination passports that are shared on social networks and in chats for the joy of corona vaccinations. "If vaccinated people publish a photo of their vaccination pass on the Internet, then the criminal can serve as a template," said the Hamburg data protection officer, Johannes Caspar, of the dpa. Fraudsters could use the batch numbers, stamps and doctor's signatures to produce forged vaccination records.

Store on Telegram

Recently, reports of forged vaccination cards have been reported - last week, for example, the State Criminal Police Office in Lower Saxony made a case public. According to the information, passes for 99 to 250 euros are offered via the Telegram messenger service.

The German Ministry of Health and data protectionists therefore advise caution when sharing vaccination passport photos over the Internet. "Think carefully about what you really want to share before you send a post. What is once on the Internet or on social media can usually not be retrieved," said the Lower Saxony state data protection officer, Barbara Thiel.

Data protection advocate Caspar also emphasized that health data generally did not belong on the Internet. "All users should be aware that this is sensitive information that is not only seen by their own friends, but also by unknown third parties and by the social networks themselves." (APA, dpa, 5.5.2021)