Where do frogs come from

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Yes, that's exactly what surprised me: First, that there are so many; second, that they are all obviously about the same size, or probably the same age; and third, that they apparently immigrated at the same time.

We have therefore already considered that someone might have exposed it. Our water garden (three ponds of different sizes) is known in the neighborhood and our property is freely accessible. However, around 400/500 people live in this village, two of them besides us also have a garden pond. But we know both bodies of water, and there was and still is no green frog.

We have only lived here a few years and built our pond 3 years ago. In the following spring, in 2003, the first amphibians appeared, namely newts, toads and later common frogs.

Since before that I lived in the lowlands, where there were tons of water frogs, and since water frogs had also settled in my garden pond at the time, we naturally hoped that this would also happen here. During our walks and hikes, however, we found that there was no corresponding croaking or splashing anywhere. We concluded that our landscape here was too mountainous, too forested or otherwise unsuitable to offer water frogs an acceptable home.

It was only some time ago that I discovered a nursery near where green frogs live. But that's just behind two mountains and a main road and about 5km away from here.

As I said, I don't know what the garden and pond landscape looks like in the neighboring village 2km away. There might be a green frog population there that I haven't discovered yet. The stream flows through this place to us and almost past our front door. If the frogs came this way and practically "got out" with us, then I can really only be happy!

Can I hope that they will stay with us, hibernate here and possibly reproduce here too? The newts, toads and common frogs accepted our pond very quickly and apparently very gladly. In any case, this summer we saw the third generation grow up.

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