How do I kill myself secretly

panorama : 21 techniques to kill quietly

LOS ANGELES (AFP) perfect crime tips thrive in a Hollywood bookstore, and perfect crime tips that would be immediately phased out in other states are being promoted professionally in the United States also from a specialized bookstore in Hollywood: 26 years ago, when the shopkeeper Nancy Litwick was still selling groceries, it all started with a small assortment of exotic literature. But the enterprising woman quickly found the funnel for titles like "Das Glück zu." kill "was in great demand. "Most of the people who come to me are very secretive and secretive, I respect that," says the 55-year-old. "I think it is primarily writers who need details for their novels." She doesn't ask unnecessary questions. Her range includes the Poisoner's Handbook and 21 Techniques for Quietly Killing. After the bomb attack on a US government building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, two books became bestsellers in Litwicks One is for the manufacture of explosive devices and the other is an armed riot that killed 168 people and injured more than 600 in the Oklahoma attack. A buyer is interested in the guide "How to create a new identity". The manual is for a good friend who is in "great need," he explains without being asked. This book contains instructions on how it is possible to assume debt obligations avoid paying alimony and avoiding legal prosecution. The more private households are in debt, the more rapid the sales are. Because the publisher's self-promotion seems promising: "This book not only tells you how to get a new identity, but also how to completely erase their past ". The bookseller is extremely loyal to her eccentric customers from the underworld. She is by no means a shame to order special customer requests in her own name. "Well, the address lists could one day be requested by the judiciary," explains the shop owner. When a customer orders "Das Glück zu kören", which is currently sold out, she offers to write down his name and telephone number so that she can notify him immediately when the book arrives. This is abruptly refused by the customer. "I will get in touch with them, "is his short answer. A sixty-year-old with snow-white hair enters the store in shorts and inquires about the latest trends in firearms. A little later he leaves the library satisfied with a magazine under his arm. "He's like most of my customers," says Litwick For years he's been coming regularly, I don't know his name. "

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