Should blueberries be chilled

... no other commercially available fruit comes close to its content of bioactive substances such as anthocyanins and resveratrol.

The interaction of bioactive substances is highly complicated and cannot be produced artificially in the form of drugs. The fruit, the whole fruit, must be eaten!

"Your food should be your remedies,
and your remedies shall be your food. "


The blueberry (bilberry) is one of the healthiest berry fruits of all, a so-called superfood - just google it!

Berries, especially blueberries, are also the greatest antagonists of viruses and bacteria. Every day a bowl of fresh Egmating blueberries should be on the table or desk and snacked on.

Put the unused berries in the refrigerator. The fruits taste even better when chilled. Even after days of refrigeration, the blueberries taste great and are also super healthy.


here you will find a video of the blueberry harvest shortly


South of the district road to Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, we started to plant blueberry fields in 2017. The clearing island around Egmating is a climatically ideal location for blueberries.

A mixture of forest soil and wood chips (from selected trees over 100 years old with bark from our own forests) is the basis on which our blueberry plants thrive.

A spectrum of early to late flowering varieties (flowering time May to June) transforms the landscape into a sea of ​​flowers for our insects and gives them the opportunity to harvest and enjoy fresh, healthy and regional blueberries from around July until late autumn.

Vitamins, proteins, magnesium, fiber, calcium, potassium and a high concentration of antioxidants make the blueberry a true natural "health pill" with an excellent taste. Try it out!

A win-win situation for you and our insects.

So that the cultivation of blueberries becomes a "round" thing from the ground up, the fields are irrigated with natural groundwater from the Alpine foothills - from our own, 30-meter-deep well. In order to conserve nature and resources, the water is applied by means of drip irrigation.