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Tension in the neck: Loosen up again

When there is tension in the neck, it crunches and hurts. Then you need exercise instead of rest, spices and a lot of warmth.

Totally tense? Have you sat too long at the computer or did not move enough? Unusual physical strain - for example desk work or shoveling snow - often causes painful tension in the neck. And stress or drafts often exacerbate the problem.

Exercise 3 times a week

If you think you can get rid of tension in your neck by resting, you are wrong. Because relieving postures are poison for cramped muscles. A mixture of exercise and relaxation is better, for example muscle-strengthening gymnastics, preferably two to three times a week. Cycling and swimming are also effective. And (Nordic) walking is particularly good at improving the mobility of the spine. The same applies to yoga, which also reduces stress, an important risk factor for tension.

A question of attitude

In order to prevent neck tension, back-friendly behavior is crucial in everyday life. That means: changing the sitting position at the desk often and stretching and stretching extensively in between. It is good to get up regularly - for example when talking on the phone - and to take a few steps. The workplace (chair, desk, keyboard) should be set up as ergonomically as possible.

At work, too, there are many ways to move more: For example, it is better to take the stairs than the elevator and go around the block during your lunch break.

3 x more movement

This helps with tension at the desk:

1. This stretches the back and releases blockages:
Stand in front of a chair with your knees slightly bent. Put your hands on the surface of the chair and make a cat hump. The head hangs loosely between the shoulders.

2. This strengthens the shoulder and neck:
Bend forward slightly in the chair with your back straight. The upper arms point parallel to the floor, the forearms at a right angle upwards. Slowly push your arms back and forth. Don't shrug your shoulders.

3. Against tension in the neck muscles:
Sit up straight. Extend arms down, palms facing out. Lean your head to one side and slide your opposite arm down. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides.

Home remedies for neck tension

The tried and tested hot water bottle, but also grain pillows, can relieve tension. Whether with spelled, rye, wheat or cherry stones, they all store heat that penetrates deep into the tissue. The pillow is heated in the microwave for one to two minutes at a maximum of 600 watts, placed on the relevant bracing for 20 minutes and repeated if necessary.

A warm bath with additives such as lavender or rosemary also promotes blood circulation. And a classic massage can bring relief. But the combination of massage and sauna is particularly effective.

Spice and warmth relax

Once the symptoms are there, direct heat has a soothing effect. Warming patches from the pharmacy with the paprika active ingredient capsaicin increase the blood circulation in the right place. Important: stick the plaster only on uninjured skin and remove it after a maximum of twelve hours.

Heat patch

For sensitive skin there are gentle heat pads made of soft, skin-friendly fabric. They consist of layers between which there is a mixture of iron powder, activated charcoal, table salt and water. When this mixture comes into contact with air, heat is released.



eye drop

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1) For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
2) Information based on the German drug tax pharmacy reimbursement price (AEP). The AEP is not the manufacturer's recommended retail price. The AEP is a price applied by pharmacies for non-prescription drugs. The amount corresponds to the sales price binding for pharmacies, at which a pharmacy in certain cases (e.g. children under 12 years of age) bills the product with the statutory health insurance. The AEP is the general reimbursement price in the event that the statutory health insurance funds assume the costs, before deduction of a compulsory discount (currently 5%) according to Section 130 (1) SGB V.
3) Manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP).

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