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New Whatsapp function prevents automatic group membership

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Whatsapp brings new data protection settings for group chats. In the future, you can set Whatsapp so that you have to agree to every invitation to a Whatsapp group.

EnlargeThe photo shows the process of a group invitation from a contact.

Whatsapp, which belongs to Facebook, will add an important feature for Whatsapp groups in the next few weeks. This means that every Whatsapp user can specify whether and to which Whatsapp group they should be added.

Whatsapp explains the new data protection settings for groups in a blog post. As soon as the new data protection option for groups has been activated, you can activate it as follows: Go to “Settings, Account, Data Protection” in Whatsapp. There you will then find the new entry "Groups". Select this one. You can now choose between the following three options: "Nobody", "My contacts" or "Everyone".

The “Everyone” option is self-explanatory. In this case everything remains as before.

With the setting "Nobody", however, you have to explicitly agree to join each group invitation. So nobody can add you to a group just like that anymore.

The option “My contacts” in turn means that only users who are in your address book can add you to groups.

In these cases, the person who wants to invite you to a group will be asked to send you a private invitation via a personal chat. You can accept this within three days before it expires.

Whatsapp will now activate the new data protection settings for some users. In the coming weeks Whatsapp wants to release the new data protection setting worldwide for users of the latest WhatsApp version.

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