How big is the earth in kilometers

How big is the earth and how much does it weigh?

How big is the earth and how much does it weigh?

We live on it, on earth. It is not that easy to imagine how our planet moves in its solar system. And who has any idea how big he is? Or how difficult? Nils from Bad Sassendorf would like to know the exact dates of the planet.

The earth's orbit is 149,600,000 kilometers from the sun. The earth is 12,756.3 kilometers in diameter and has a mass of 5.975 x 10 ^ 24 kilograms (10 to the power of 24, that's one million billion billion): That's 5.975 trillion tons - hardly imaginable. If it helps, a comparison: our planet weighs 81 times more than the moon.

The earth is the third planet from the sun. The blue planet is the fifth largest planet out of nine in our solar system, with a total surface area of ​​510,000,000 square kilometers.

If you look at the entire universe, the earth is actually nothing more than a tiny speck of dust, if you look closely, not even that. In our eyes, however, our home heavenly body appears gigantic.

However, the earth is not evenly round. Due to the centrifugal force, its shape is more like an orange - somewhat flattened at the poles and with a clear bulge at the equator. Correspondingly, the values ​​also fluctuate when surveying the earth. The diameter of the planet is 12,756 kilometers at the equator and 43 kilometers less at the poles. The circumference of the earth is 133 kilometers larger at the equator than at the poles.

For comparison:

The orbit of Venus is 108,200,000 km from the sun. So it is closer to the sun than earth. Its diameter is 12,103.6 kilometers. Their mass is also less. In contrast to the earth, it is 4.869 x 10 ^ 24 kilograms.

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