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“Corona had a major impact on my time in Sweden and changed my expectations for a semester abroad. Many loved ones had to follow back to their home countries in a short time. I stayed and I am very happy about that. I love nature, Swedish houses, Fika and I have the best possible time
used. Small trips to more rural regions were still possible. So I was able to explore Växjö and the area extensively, whether by car, bike or on foot.

My tips for you:

  • Arrange your accommodation as early as possible. Helpful pages
    this is and There is also on Facebook
    some groups.
  • At Swedish universities there are nations, unions, etc. As a student, you pay one
    Semester fee, can then be reduced in student bars, events
    are organized, parties are celebrated, ...
  • The nature in and around Växjö is fantastically beautiful. There is so much to discover. In je direction is a nature reserve close to the bike (ideal for walking, Watching sunsets, doing fika, enjoying nature, doing nothing ...)
  • Växjö is surrounded by many lakes. There are 2 lakes in the city itself.
  • Excursions to Kalmar, Lund, Malmö, Öland, Karlskrona, Gothenburg, Stockholm
    are definitely recommended.
  • Sunsets and sunrises are especially popular near water
    indescribably beautiful. You can never get enough of them and you should
    definitely not to be missed.
  • Fika! For example in OAS, Askelyckans Konditori, Broquist, Brygghuset,
    Toftastrand Hotell & Konditori, Kafe de Luxe,….

(…) In retrospect, I got to know and love Sweden and I would have liked
couldn't think of a better place for my semester abroad. Especially in one of those
difficult times I am grateful for everything that I was able to experience and was allowed to! "

You can find more tips here: SS20_Huber_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Schweden

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“The switch to online lectures went smoothly and with a lot of support. There were also aid packages with meals for students. In general, life is very limited as a result, especially since it was stricter than in Germany. (...) Above all, the Damai Residence welcomed me like a family because of the many people, and I always felt that I was in good hands.

There were few students who stayed here and did not fly back to their home country. With the few remaining, I have had great experiences on islands and in KL bars. (...) The time in Malaysia is generally very nice. I liked the heat, the sun, the people and the good food. Even if life is relatively cheaper, you indulge yourself all the more. Overall, however, I am very satisfied and can only recommend a semester abroad in Kuala Lumpur. (…)

My tips for you, including:

  • eat: Indian, Chinese or traditional Malaysian there is everything and it's super delicious! Try satay, mangga susu and roti canai. The street food stalls in particular are cheap and delicious. Best go to Kampung Baru.
  • Worth seeing: Melaka and Cameron Highlands for an overnight stay, the rice fields in Selangor Kuala, KLCC and some shopping malls, but also the Botanical Garden
  • Islands: Perhentian, Redang and Tioman are recommended in this order for snorkeling or diving (in general, the east side of the west half is better for diving). Penang is an island worth seeing historically and offers a lot of food mixed with a cultural background.

Would you like more tips? Then read on right here:

Download experience report:Bartsch_SS20_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Kuala Lumpur

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“University life in the USA is very different from that in Germany. After half a year that I was allowed to spend in Ohio, I already felt an incredible belonging to Miami University, because your whole life revolves around the university. The university offers everything in terms of leisure technology and there is something for everyone. The campus itself is also very clear and everything is within walking distance. The campus makes up most of Oxford and apart from Uptown, the small student town doesn't have much to offer, although it was quite sufficient for me as I wanted to get to know the student life in the USA. (...) In general, I found the atmosphere to be very relaxed and the students have a very relaxed relationship with the professors and people often talk about personal matters. In March all classes were switched to online due to COVID, whereby the university acted very early and there were few problems with the switch. (…) Since it has always been my big dream to spend a long time in the USA, my expectations were exceeded despite the virus. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity and would do it again in a heartbeat! "

Download experience report: Armstorfer_SS20_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_USA.pdf

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General tipps:

  • the direct flight from Frankfurt is best
  • super apartment with approx. 100 m², 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet, kitchen, living room etc, 20th floor with KL Skyline for approx. 330 € / month / person
  • You may arrive earlier to have time for sightseeing - contact others and get together
  • Kuala Lumpur has really good food: satay, mangga susu; Pulut Mangga, Nasi Goreng, Sup, Naan, Tossai Massala & Co (street food always min. € 1 - max. € 3

Travel tips:

    • Singapore, approx. 5 hours by bus
    • Penang, about 5 hours by bus
    • generally super comfortable buses
    • Flight to Langkawi (tax-free) approx. € 20-40 and only takes 1 hour
    • Flight to Krabi around 30 €
    • Flight to Hanoi around € 60


Download experience report: Cobi_WS19_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia


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“(…) The cooperation with international students and their approach and working method was very interesting and instructive. I think that I was able to further educate myself in my field and deepen my knowledge. Being able to get to know this completely different culture so intensively and first hand was an experience that I don't want to miss for anything in the world.



Japan is a beautiful country with many different facets, which are often very different from what one is used to. However, I think that this is what makes this country and other countries so interesting. Therefore, I would recommend anyone who is thinking about doing a semester abroad to do so. Because although inconveniences and unfamiliar situations occur every now and then, the beautiful and positive moments predominate and these will also be remembered. "

Download experience report: Jänsch_WS19_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Japan


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“(…) The range of sports on offer at the university is broad and has been very well received by local students. For example, I enrolled in floorball and had a lot of fun learning this sport. “Social Help Programs”, in which you visit locals in the jungle, are also offered
offered. This supports the community and brings education to non-industrial areas of the country.


Because Kuala Lumpur is made up of many different There is of course any kind of Southeast Asian cuisine
represented. For me, with the passion of cooking, this was perfect. If the evening was free, I made an appointment with local and international students to try one or the other specialty. In the five months I haven't got one
Eaten a dish that I didn't like. My tip to you: eat in one
Restaurant, which is very well frequented by locals and asks for theirs
Favorite dishes. (...) "

Download experience report: Daser_WS19_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia


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“First of all I have to say that this is not an ERASMUS stay and
the application is therefore a little more complex. This fact shouldn't deter you, however, as you will be offered enough support
(International Office TH-Rosenheim and UBC, former outgoings). Just ask and you'll get through. A personal preparation that should not be neglected is to do enough beforehand
save because everything is more expensive here than at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. To not be shy! (...) "

Download experience report:

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“As early as the summer of 2018 I decided that I wanted to do a semester abroad in Canada, so at the beginning of the winter semester 18/19 I started to deal with more detailed planning. The application deadline was only at the beginning of February, but it is still advisable to obtain all the necessary documents a little in advance. The entire application process takes place on mobility-online. An application photo, an English letter of motivation, an English résumé, a current grade confirmation and a language certificate must be uploaded there. (...) "

Download experience report:



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“I was interested in a semester abroad right from the start of my studies, so from the second I was in contact with the professors and the International Office in Rosenheim. What turned out to be difficult, however, because the plastics technology course is not designed to be accommodated in the standard period of study. The first two semesters are the basic course, which provides the prerequisites for a number of other subjects. I was not advised to go within the third or fourth semester because we have several internships and I would have to repeat a year. Going abroad for the internship semester was not an option for me because of my employer and in the 6th and 7th semester we had to work on a project work in a team, so these two semesters were not suitable either. This has led to the fact that I voluntarily added an 8th semester to the end. (...) "

Download experience report:
Schoberer Jutta_SS19_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Erie_USA

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“(...) All in all, I don't regret the semester abroad. The insight into how a plastics engineering course at the other end of the world works and how it is organized quite differently, as well as the content, make it too interesting. What is student life like in the land of freedom? (where you can only go to bars at the age of 21). What concerns the people here, how did they grow up, what are their goals in life and so on. (...) "

Download experience report:
Schoberer Jutta_SS19_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Erie_USA

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