What does Chim mean in Singlish?

Untitled - Singaporean Terms (Singlish)

Abit the ...: To mean a little bit
eg. He abit the cute.

Act Blur: To play innocent

Act Cute: To behave in an exaggeratingly cute way.

Act Cute Bo Cute: To act overly cute but comes off as annoying and un-cute instead.

Agar Agar: An estimate

Ah Beng: Someone with little dress sense. Also refers to a gangster.

Ah Lian: Female version of Ah Beng

Ah Long: Loan shark

Aiya / Aiyo: Oh No / Oh dear

Alamak: Used as an expression of shock or surprise

Ang-moh: A pejorative term for people of Caucasian descents

Ang-moh-pai: A Chinese who speaks poor Chinese but uses good English. Referred to as "westernized Singaporean Chinese"

Ang Bao: A red packet, which is a tiny red envelope containing $ inside, usually given to relatives / friends during Chinese New Year

Ah Bu Then: Duh / Obviously / Of course

Bodoh: Stupid

Bo Liao: Bored

Botak: Soon

Buay Tahan: Cannot stand it anymore

Chao Mugger: Refers to someone who mugs a lot

Cheena: Crude term referring to Chinese nationals

‘Cher: Short form of teacher

Chee-ko-peh: perverted

Chim: Difficult
eg. Why is this math question so chim?

Chin Chai: Anything / Whatever

Chio Bu: Hot chick

Chope: Slang for reserving a seat
eg. Can you help me chope this seat?

Confirm plus chop: To mean you're very sure of something
eg. Confirm plus chop I will win this game.

Double Confirm: Confirm and reconfirm. To emphasize the confirmation

Eeyer: To express disgust

Goondu: idiot

Go-stan: Reverse / Go backwards

Hao Lian: Proud / arrogant

Heng: To be lucky or fortunate

Jia Lat: Used to describe being in trouble.
eg. I forgot to bring my passport, jialat!

Jilo: Slang of "zero"

Kay-poh: Busybody

Kiasu: Afraid to lose

Kiasi: Afraid to die

Kiam-pah: Asking for trouble / beating

Lah: Tagged at the end of a sentence as an exclamation but pronounced differently in questions.
eg. The teacher got come lah!

Leh: Similar to "lah" but is used to emphasize on the sentence.
eg. The teacher got come leh.

Liao / Le: already / over
eg. I handed up the homework liao.

Mah: Usually tagged at the end of a sentence.

Makan: To eat

Mati: To die

Mug: Extreme studying

Nia: Depicts the meaning of "only". It is of a belittling tone
eg. This thing is so cheap, costs $ 2 only nia.

Obiang: Out of fashion

Orh: Okay / Understood.

O $ P $: Owe Money Pay Money. Used in threats from loan sharks

Pai-kia: Slang for hooligan / gangster. Refers to 'bad kid'

Pai-seh: Means to be embarrassed.
e.g. Paisei, I came late!

Pon: To play truant
eg. Are you ponning class today?

Sabo: Short form of ‘sabotage’

Shiok: An expression of satisfaction

Siam: "Get out of the way!" Rude but largely effective to be used in Singapore.

Sian: Bored

Siao: Crazy

Si-beh: Very
eg. She sibeh chio.

Si-Mi: What?

Si-Mi-Dai-Ji: What's up?

Suay: Unlucky

Tio: To get

Toot: Stupid / Silly

Ulu: Run-down / rural

Wa-lao / Wa-piang / Wah-she: Exclamation of shock. Something like "What the hell"

.... Your head: Mild curse used to disabuse someone of his or her erroneous assumption
eg. They will give you money your head la!

Zai: To be very good in something

Zhun: To be very accurate