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This table of contents gives an overview of all the questions and all the answers that we have compiled. It contains facts on the various sub-items of our research on the criticism of JuicePlus + ™.

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💊Summary and overview

... and if you want more detailed information or have specific questions, take a look at the following points:

... about the rip-off with lies:

💊What is JUICE PLUS + worth?

💊What can be said about the content of JUICE PLUS + and is JUICE PLUS + a comprehensive food supplement and prophylaxis, or does it help against diseases?

💊Where do the allegations come from that the distribution of JUICE PLUS + is partly illegal?

💊Is there fraud and corruption involved in the distribution of JUICE PLUS +?

... about Frucht-Blend®: content, production, certificates and price:

💊Why are JUICE PLUS + vitamins and substances added artificially?

💊Is JUICE PLUS + a completely natural product ... or even an 'organic' product?

💊 ... and: Is it (s) always worse? - Oh but!

💊What do you learn about the JUICE PLUS + manufacturing process?

💊What do you think of the JUICE PLUS + certificates?

💊What can be said about the price of JUICE PLUS +?

... about effects, side effects and doping:

💊What can be said about the effect of JUICE PLUS +?

💊Does JUICE PLUS + have any side effects?

💊Is JUICE PLUS + suitable for pregnant women?

💊Is JUICE PLUS + a doping product?

💊What does the JUICE PLUS + company say about the doping suspicion of their medication?

... about overdosing and the so-called 'child study':

💊Can an overdose of JUICE PLUS + occur?

💊 What other dangers do we see at JUICE PLUS + ... e.g .: how to break into our children's world with marketing tricks? !!

... about the causes of heart attack, stroke and cancer:

💊How JUICE PLUS + can lead to a heart attack and stroke?

💊How JUICE PLUS + can lead to cancer?

... about the creation of further diseases:

💊 Do JUICE PLUS + products make you sick?

How does JUICE PLUS + lead to the 'metabolic disorder'?

💊How JUICE PLUS + causes 'emaciation'?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + promotes 'anorexia'?

💊How JUICE PLUS + increases the 'addiction to recognition'?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + provokes 'BurnOut' and 'Depression'?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + leads to 'social isolation'?

... about the suitability of these products for athletes:

💊How JUICE PLUS + -Shape / Complete became a 'sports career disabled person'?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + acts as a sponsor?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + Complete Shakes are not suitable for athletes?

... about customer fraud:

💊How JUICE PLUS + earns a lot of money with fraudulent deception?

💊What tricks does JUICE PLUS + use in the food industry?

💊How JUICE PLUS + leads its customers behind the light?

... about the dubious studies:

💊What to think about the STUDIES and the so-called 'science behind JUICE PLUS +', which are so highly praised by the manufacturer and the sellers?

💊 What about the informative value and reliability of the JUICE PLUS + studies?

💊Is JUICE PLUS + really to be regarded as food?

... about sales in general:

💊Why is the distribution of JUICE PLUS + being so hotly debated?

💊How do the JUICE PLUS + salespeople get 'high'?

💊How do the JUICE PLUS + salespeople humiliate dropouts?

... about illegal distribution by doctors:

💊Why is the distribution of JUICE PLUS + by doctors and therapists illegal?

💊What do doctors think of as JUICE PLUS + advertising icons?

💊How do you recognize illegal actions by JUICE PLUS + doctors and what should everyone do about it?

💊Why are ads against JUICE PLUS + doctors important?

How do JUICE PLUS + doctors try to cover up their illegal sales?

... via a dubious distribution system:

💊Why is JUICE PLUS + such a hotly debated product with questionable distribution ... especially by doctors?

💊Where do the allegations come from that the distribution of JUICE PLUS + is partly illegal?

... about Shape-Complete® and the dizziness of losing weight:

💊What does JUICE PLUS + -Shape / Complete consist of and what is healthy about it?

💊Why JUICE PLUS + -Shape / Complete does not work permanently as a slimming powder?

💊What is the dirty game the JUICE PLUS + salespeople play with assigning blame to customers?

... about Omega-Blend® and the usury with 'poison oil':

💊What is in JUICE PLUS + -OmegaBlend and how valuable is it?

💊How JUICE PLUS + shamelessly deceives its customers with the OmegaBlend oil capsules?

💊How JUICE PLUS + shamelessly rips off its customers with the OmegaBlend oil capsules?

... about the sect allegations:

💊What does JUICE PLUS + have to do with a sect?

💊Is there a sect behind JUICE PLUS + or is it just a home for stranded people?

... about the snowball and pyramid system:

💊Is the distribution of JUICE PLUS + a pyramid or pyramid system?

... via the order and subscription system:

💊Why a JUICE PLUS + subscription at all and why the home delivery service?

... about the commission and remuneration system:

💊What does the JUICE PLUS + accounting system reveal about the products?

💊What does the JUICE PLUS + commission system reveal about fairness in this company?

... about the predatory methods through "expropriation":

💊What has JUICE PLUS + and the manufacturer brought into talk and the focus of the public and the public prosecutor's office ... and how do you appropriate the property of others?

... about the predatory methods through "deception":

"How do you educate customers and sellers about JUICE PLUS + ... and what about the" inheritance of the business "?

... about juggling, megalomania and blinding:

💊Who knows JUICE PLUS +? ... and should you even know it?

💊 ... and how do you want to turn 'crap into gold'?

... about dealing with critics or employees and about a lack of qualifications:

💊What qualifications does your JUICE PLUS + seller have?

💊 ... and how do the JUICE PLUS + sellers deal with criticism of their lies or the exposure of their untrue arguments?

... about the predatory methods through "secrecy":

💊 What could the future of JUICE PLUS + sales look like?

... about the disregard of fundamental rights:

💊And what about the free-democratic understanding of this distribution system?

... about the 'victims' of such crook methods:

💊JUICE PLUS +… a business for stupid people?

... about 'lurking traps' of such sales:

💊Can I fare even worse with JUICE PLUS +?

... about the method of euphoria:

💊Where does the EUPHORIA for such products, which can be observed in many places, come from?

... about the possibilities of resistance and prevention:

💊How can you defend yourself against JUICE PLUS +?

... about the (se) mafia:

💊JUICE PLUS + - who is behind it?

As a reader, don't be put off by the scope of the research, because this is neither a short press release nor an article in a magazine, but the largest 'reference work' to date on JuicePlus ™ ... worldwide.

The text sequence is structured in such a way that the complete reading is only intended for 'highly interested', scientists or journalists. The most important information for people with a normal interest can be found on the first page and the text highlighted in bold, and possibly through a specific selection in the 'Details' menu item. - Recommendation: only read what concerns your interests and concerns!

Nowadays, when the information and recording capacity of many people no longer exceeds a Facebook, Twitter or short message, it is admittedly difficult for some to read longer or extensive texts and to process or retain the content. But that shouldn't prevent people with an affinity for science and literature from obtaining extensive information; after all, in an increasingly complex world, larger contexts and, above all, backgrounds cannot be conveyed with short messages. In comparison, it would be like letting a top professional in the eight-class football league bolt in the Eifel or requiring an Ironman to only complete 100m runs in the future. - And so, not only among intellectuals is the trend increasingly towards more in-depth information. We hope to meet this wish with our 'reference work'.

Note: The facts conveyed here can also be partially transferred to other companies with similar concepts and products!